Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tahu Telor

I have got this recipe quite sometime ago when Zu translated it for us in KC. Not bad, in fact as good as Sanur's. :)


Tahu Telor
4 pkt egg tofu cut into cubes about 2 inches
6 eggs
3 tbsp cornstarch/cornflour
pinch of salt

1/2 cup sweet sauce - this one is not the chinese sweet sauce. Get the kipas udang brand
5 cloves garlic
a bit of birds eye chilli (chilli padi) - up to you how spicy you want
blend everything and heat it over medium heat

carrot, julienned
cucumber, julienned
ground roasted peanuts

Heat oil in a pot and immerse the mould for the tahu telur. Leave it in (make sure the oil covers at least 3/4 of the mould)

Beat eggs, salt and cornstarch. Add tofu .
Pour mixture into the mould (about 3/4 full).
The heat from the oil will cause the egg to overflow but don't panic.. lower the fire, take a scoop and scoop the overflowing egg and pour it back into the mould. Continue pouring the hot oil into the mould till the egg is crispy. Remove mould and let the tofu in the oil till the sides are crispy. Once brown and crispy, remove from oil and drain it.

[To serve]
Place tofu on a plate, garnish with cucumber and carrot and sprinkle ground peanuts. Pour sauce over.

[Ways to make the mould for tahu telor]
[Get a big condensed milk tin or golden churn tin, remove the top and bottom]

[some tips for those who wants to try this recipe]
[If no egg tofu, can replace with silken tofu and add a bit of oyster sauce abt 1 tsp into the egg mixture. Not suitable to use the normal tofu]

[Best is to use the mould that is wide and low like in the original recipe above]
[advised to use planta majerine tin (not butter) or golden churn because not only the size is just nice but not that high hence easier to fry later]

[when oil is hot, immerse the tin first and leave it for a while to heat the sides then only pour the tofu+egg mixture because if the mould is hot, the mixture will not stick to the side that much and when you are pouring the mixture, be extra careful because the mixture may overflow. Just scoop the overflow mixture and pour it back into the mould at the same time press the top a little to pack the tahu telor]

[Don't use high heat because it may brown too fast but the inside may not be thoroughly cooked and don't use too low fire because it will be too oily]

[if using something different tofu, adjust accordingly the qty of the eggs]
For easy estimation, if you cube the tofu and put them into a bowl, the quantity of the egg when poured into the same bowl with the tofu must be just about the same height. Your tahu telur will come out perfect]


Twinkle said...

It looks so delicious and simple to do! Yummy..shall try it one of these days and Ttanks for the great recipe!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Looks divine! But quite some work to make this. :P

Amy Goh said...

Ur Tauhu Telor looks super yummy, thank you for detailing all the precious tips. :)

Art of Eating said...

I loves Tahu Telor. Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe.

phoebeluv said...

can you post the picture of the sweet sauce? otherwise, can we use ABC sweet sauce? is this deepfrying method?

Hugbear said...

Yes, you can use ABC sweet sauce. The brand I used is Bobo Black Sauce Caramel.

wenn said...

wow..that's delicious..

Ju (The Little Teochew) said...

I love this! It looks really good. I must try this, when I feel more confident.

Anonymous said...


may i know where do you get bobo black sauce?


Hugbear said...

I got my Bobo brand black sauce from Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

I see...any idea if we can get it locally.

Thanks so much.


Hugbear said...

I am not too sure and I just realised that the brand name is spelt as Popo.

alvina said...


All the food u cook looks really good! (^_^) Thinking of trying this out but was wondering if you would tell me where to get the mould?


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