Sunday, October 22, 2006

Multi-colour Sago Jelly

Tried out another jelly recipe. This is very colourful.

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Multi-colour Sago Jelly (recipe taken from Delightful Sweet Treats)


(A) 70 gm sago

(B) 2 tbsp agar agar powder
220 gm caster sugar (I cut down to 180 gm)
½ tsp salt
300 ml thick coconut milk
1000 ml water

(C) a bit of green and red colouring (I used 4 colours)


Cook sago until transparent. Wash and drain dry. Divide into 2 portions and colour one portion red and one portion green. (Because I used 4 colours, I divide into 4 portions.)

Boil ingredients (B) and sieve. Divide above into 4 portions. Add each colour sago into each portion. Pour first portion into a mould. When slightly harden, pour second portion in. Let is set a little and followed by third portion. Do this until you finish all four portions.

Chill well before unmoulding.


BoZoGEMOK said...

Lee Lee,
Thank you for the yummy Multi-colour Sago Jelly & the Red Bean Agar Agar. Taste great!

Anonymous said...

It's like a rainbow and I'm sure it'll taste great too :-)

Anonymous said...

YES, pls share recipe .., how to make this sago agar2 ?

Anonymous said...

hi there... i'm a new visitor to ur blog. yesterday tried out ur sago jelly for a small family gathering, was very nice and everyone loved it! thanks for sharing. :D

Anonymous said...

hihi i cant view the pictures! could you upload it again? sorry for the to cook the sago? =x i'm quite an idiot at this..=x

Shan said...

hmm can i ask something..your recipe says mix the sago and the agar agar mixture together right..then pour into the mould. does that mean the agar agar and the sago wont mix together? cause your jelly looks like one layer of agar agar, one layer of sago, one layer of agar agar, and so on.. i want make like that! pretty! =x

Hugbear said...

Hi shan, I mixed the cooked sago with the agar agar then pour it into the mould. It looks like a layer of sago and then a layer of agar agar but it is not.

Anonymous, here are the links to the photos.

You need to soak your sago in water for about 10 mins. Then boil a pot of water. Pour the sago in and stir to make sure it don't stick together. Let is cooked until the sago is cooked through, that is you cannot see the white dot in the centre and sago is totally transparent.

DG said...

Hi Bakingmum!

I tried these! and we love it! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Bellelyn and Dylan Ong said...


I am interested to do agar agar. But my side they dont sell agar agar, only gelatin powder. Can i used that instead?

Anonymous said...

Where can i buy agar agar powder? i usually see them in strips

Anonymous said...

Hi baking mum,
can i replace the coconut milk w just water or milk?

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