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Steamed Birthday Bun

Tried out this recipe this afternoon. I tried out different shapes other than the peach shape. Usually for the older generation, whenever an elderly person celebrates his or her birthday, you can usually find this type of peach bun as it symbolises longevity. I have also shaped some into rabbits and porcupines. But then the rabbits after steaming became so fat. Hahaha ... Since I have not enough lotus paste, I made some flower bun with the plain dough. This type of steamed flower buns go very well with food like chilli crab or steamed fish with sweet and sour Thai chilli sauce whereby you can use the buns to dip into the sauce. Oh so yummy.



Steamed Birthday Bun

Dough Ingredients:
300g plain flour
5g instant yeast
70g sugar
5g baking powder
112g of water (more need more)
3g shortening

200g white lotus paste
Some pink colouring

1. Divide white lotus paste into 20g each. Roll into a ball and keep aside for later use.
2 . Mix all the dough ingredients and knead into a smooth dough. (Note: I used a little more water than what is stated here.)
3. Measure the dough into 30g each. Roll dough out and wrap with the white lotus paste. Make sure it is sealed properly and shape it into a peach shape.
4. Put a piece of paper underneath the shaped bun and leave it aside to rise for 30 mins.
5. Steam over high heat for 6 mins. Remove and spray with pink colouring on top.

(Note: These buns can be kept in the fridge and you just need to resteam it when you want to eat them. )


Anonymous said...

hi baking mum!

the rabbits are SO SO Cute! My son's favourite type of bun... thanks for the recipe!



Ah Shui said...

Creative mum came out with special rabbit shape bun. I like it.

Cookie said...

Hi BM, you are so creative... you make these buns look so fun!


Anonymous said...

why do you think of kneading a rabbit? Is it easy to knead one?

Hugbear said...

Just for the fun of getting some shape out of normal buns. Not difficult, you just need a pair of scissors to snip off the ears and the tail. And then stick 2 black sesame as the eyes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Baking Mum!
Just wanna ask, how many buns you manage to get out of 300g of flour?

Also, regarding on the your recipe for Mango pudding, can I replace the 30 ml of milk with evaporated milk?

Thanks in advance.(=
Regards, Janice.

Hugbear said...

Janice, I think I got about 16 pcs in total.

Yes you can replace with evaporated milk if you want for the mango pudding.

Beachlover said...

sp pretty!! I wanna to try this! thanks for sharing:)

Anonymous said...

Are you the mum who bakes all these or bakingmum is a company baking all these delicious cakes.
If you are the baking mum. Can you do a demonstration to me

How could I get your answer.

Curious Mum

may said...

Hi, may I know are you using plain flour or hong kong flour ? can plain flour used to make bun and how's the texture ? tq

Jackie said...

these are so cute to be eaten!!

Hugbear said...

Hi Curious Mum, I am the bakingmum and all these are made by me in my humble kitchen. I do hold a full time job so this is just a hobby to me.

Hugbear said...

May, I followed the recipe and used plain flour. The texture is ok but as you know, this type of steamed buns must be eaten when it is hot and fresh from the steaming. After it has cool down, it will become hard. So before eating need to resteam them.

Hugbear said...

Hi Beachlover, do try and let me know how it turn out for you.

Anonymous said...

Oh okay.(= Thanks.
Regarding on the mango pudding recipe, is it necessary to add ice cream in?

Thanks in advance for entertaining my questions!(;


Hugbear said...

Yes need to add in ice cream to make it more creamy and taster. If you can find mango ice cream it is even better.

Chef C said...

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caren said...

hi, may i know if u have recipe for traditional cream cake? my boyfriend likes them a lot so i'm thinking of learning to bake it for him..

Hugbear said...

Hi Caren, what kind of traditional cream cake? You mean fresh cream cake? If it is, then you only need to get some non-diary cream and whipped it up and forst your cake.

caren said...

hi.. the kind like in the pics in the link below.. thanks!

Hugbear said...

Caren, this one you can either do a fresh cream frosting or buttercream frosting.

Deliciosus said...

Hello baking mum, Thank you very much for wonderful recipes! We lived in USA and sometimes really difficult to get Asian food. I tried this one to make some for a friend's birthday and they loves it.
Thanks again!

My Little Space said...

I've just started a blog not long ago. Any advice for me?

Anonymous said...

Hey baking mum! Where do you buy your lotus paste from?

Anonymous said...

HI Baking Mom,

I've made chinese steamed buns before and never seems to get to that perfectly round surface that you have! Other steamed buns recipes requires you to proof the yeast first and then add in the flour and knead it until smooth and then let it rest for 40 mins or so. Is there any resting time for this dough? and do i have to proof the yeast?

Thank you for the recipe!

Hugbear said...

The only resting time is after you have shaped it before steaming.

Anonymous said...

hi bakingmum,

could u pls show me the method how to twist the flower roll. Its lovely! Thks!!

agapejen said...

Hi Baking Mum
May I know where can we get the lotus paste from?

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