Monday, October 29, 2007

Vanilla Cupcakes

Tried this very good vanilla cupcakes recipe shared by a fellow forumer. First time using this recipe but I made a few changes to the original recipe though. The boys like it and it will be packed for them for recess tomorrow.

Thanks to Cuen for sharing this recipe in Imperial Kitchen (a food forum that I am a member of). I have however modified the recipe in a few areas. Original recipe asked for 450 gm of castor which I have changed to 150 gm castor sugar and 100 light brown sugar. Original recipe asked for unsalted butter but uses 3/4 tsp salt but I changed to salted butter and omit the salt. Original recipe asked for 1 tsp of pure vanilla extract but I changed to 1 tbsp of vanilla essence because my vanilla essence is not of the best quality. Depending on the quality of the vanilla extract you are using, you may vary in the quantity used.

195 gm cake flour
140 gm plain flour
150 castor sugar *
100 light brown sugar *
1 tbsp baking powder
225 gm salted butter, cut into 1-inch cubes *
4 large eggs
1 cup whole milk (I used normal fresh milk)
1 tbsp vanilla extract *

* changes that I have made from the original recipe

1. Preheat oven to 165C. Line cupcake pan with paper cups. In a bowl, combine flour, sugars, baking powder on low speed until well mix with the k-beater. Add cold butter until mixture resembles coarse crumbs.

2. In another bowl, combine eggs, milk and vanilla essence. Light whisk to mix well. With mixer on medium speed, add wet ingredients into the flour mixture in 3 parts, scraping down the sides of the bowl before each addition. Beat until ingredients are incorporated but do not overbeat.

3. Fill papercups with batter to two-third full (for me I filled it up slightly more than 2/3 for a rounder cupcake). Bake it for at least 20 to 25 mins depending on how brown you want you cupcakes to be. Test cake with cake tester and when it comes out clean, it is ready. Transfer to cooling rack to cool down completely.


Yan said...

i love the tempting, soft look of your vanilla cupcakes!

yoan said...

can share receipe for cupcake vanilla

Little Corner of Mine said...

Looks really soft & moist! I can see the moistness from the surface of the cupcakes. BTW, you cut off 200 gm of sugar from the original recipe, is the cupcake still sweet?

Hugbear said...

Ching, after cutting down the amount of sugar the cupcake taste just nice to me. If you want to use the cupcake for frosting you can further cut down on the castor sugar by maybe another 30 gm if not leave it as it is and it will be fine too.

Anggie's journel said...

i m blog hopping.. my 1st time here.
U're good on baking !! thanks for sharing all those recipe . The cup cake look yummy... i like vanila cake too.

strawberry shortcake said...

i've just been introduced to your blog and have been stuck on it ever since. You are such a dedicated mom & wife. I've 2 young daughters myself and would love to try baking for them. I would like to try baking your chocolate chip cookies but only have a small toaster at home. Will that do?

Hugbear said...

Hi anggie and strawberry shortcke, welcome to my blog. Hope it will be of help to you in some ways.

SS, if you only have a toaster oven, you have to watch over your cookers like a hawk, kekeke. Firstly, bcos toaster oven does not come with temp setting and the heating element is rather near to the cookies. Make sure you check closely on the cookies. If it is not fully cooked but colour is turning quite dark already, cover the cookies with a aluminium foil and cooking baking until cookies are done.

Anonymous said...

Hi HugBear

This is my first time visiting your blog... Do u conduct Baking Class?


Hugbear said...

Hi anonymous, yes I do conduct baking lessons. If you are interested, do email me at

Aimei said...


Wow, long time have not been to your blog cos' I reformated my pc and lost the links. Your slideshows are so nice! How u do it? But without nice bakes it would not look nice as well. :) Your vanilla cupcake looks nice, I'm also searching for a good basic vanilla cupcake recipe. I gonna try it. Thanks!

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Hello Baking Mum

This is my first time visiting your blog, c that u have a group of baking blogger friends, do u all meet 2gether to bake 2gether?

Hugbear said...

Hello Aimei, if you click on the Picturetrail link below the slideshow, you can go there and set up an account. Upload your pix there and you can start your own slideshow already.

You have to try this recipe. It is good.

Hugbear said...

Hello somewhere in Singapore, welcome to my blog. Yes we do meet once in a while with some of the baking pals either for potluck or sometimes for some demos conducted amongst ourselves. But this is only restricted to a few of the closer blogger friends who are residing in Singapore.

singairishgirl said...

Hi hugbear,

Just want to say hello and cranberry directed me here. :) I just made those vanilla cupcakes but half the recipe as one is too much for me. It is indeed soft and good. Great for kids. It's definitely a keeper! :)

Hugbear said...

Hi Singairishgirl, welcome to my humble blog. Cranberry is a good friend of mine. Yup, agree that the vanilla cupcake recipe is a keeper.

Anonymous said...

hello baking mum. i often go ur website to see what is new. Where do u conduct lessons?

Hugbear said...

At my home.

beachlover said...

wow!! good looking and yummy cupcake:)

jane said...

hi there hugbear! came by your blog thru links, loving it already. simple and nice! :) n most importantly, recipes!!! thanks for sharing them.. :)

yoan said...

baking mum u open baking class?
i interest also if have baking class.

Hugbear said...

Thanks Beachlover.

Hi Jane, thanks for dropping by.

yoan said...

Would love to attend class from you too..hehehe!

Little Corner of Mine said...

I made this and you were right, the amount of sugar is just nice. Thanks again. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee Lee,
I have been following your blog since these last 3 months & found it very interesting & your recipe very easy to follow, I tried your vanilla cupcakes last nice, it taste but a bit wet & not soft & the top sticky with sugar abit. Could it be my mixer which does the mixing not completely mixed & there a lumps which I have to spread it up. Anyway I will try again. Thank you for share. God Bless you.

Kerry said...

Hi Hugbear, happen to be browsing for cupcake recipes and came across your blog.

I would like to try out this recipe,but can i know whats it the difference between cake flour and plain flour?? Can I only use plain flour?

Please advise.

Calla said...

Hi Baking Mum

Is this a versatile recipe that can be varied into different flavours, e.g. add dried fruit or nuts, or switch to coffee flavour, etc.

Also, what is the metric measurement of 1 cup as stated in your recipe?

Thanks for your advise.


JUne said...

HI Lee Lee

How to change plain flour into cake flour? Wat is the portion of flour to muix with corn flour? Pls help.

Thanks a lot.

June Lee

Hugbear said...

Hi June, you use use 1 3/4 cup of all purpose flour with 1/4 cup of corn flour to get cake flour.

Diana Gladys said...


I tried this today also. It seems to failed.Felt very disappointed. Cause it doesnt turn out fluffy and soft as well. I dun haf a k- beater I use the normal eletric beater will this affect the cupcakes while baking? Also I use double acting baking agent. Kindly advise me how to improve this.


Hugbear said...

For this cupcake recipe you cannot overmix your dry and wet mixture. It is ok to use the normal beater but make sure the mixture does not get mixed for too long after adding the wet ingredients. Overmixing will cause the cupcakes to be hard.

Priscilla said...

Wow hugbear...those look waayy too good!

Anonymous said...

hi.. this recipe is def a keeper :)!! its my first time reading ur blog, bt i decided 2 try this recipe, i halved the recipe and got 6 huge cupcakes...i've actually jst finished glazing the cupcakes with chocolate frosting and they turned out awesome!! soft and buttery mmmmm.. :)

i used to bake a lot, but havent been for around a year, lately i've tried baking but my cakes all turn out dry. in the last week, i think ive baked 5 cakes (ive been trying to know what the problem is, with my baking) and ALL of them turn out dry, some are hard too. ur cupcake made me feel like i havent totally lost my baking ability hehehe... and i think i know why my cakes turned out dry... overmixing.. >.<

please excuse my super long babbling, im jst grateful to have tried this recipe... thanks baking mum :D- sandra

Hugbear said...

Hi Sandra, no worries, I enjoy your babbling. I am sure you will be very confident in your baking very soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee Lee,

been hooked on yr blog, u can really bake! and impressed with yr cakes decor too.... understand that u do conduct classes/ exchange pointers, can u tell me more please, how do I go about? must register? can u email me at

Anonymous said...

hi lee lee,
Would like to check with u, wat is k-beater?
I would like to try out this vanilla cupcakes..oh ya, i tried to bake the paper-cup spongecake and it turned out really GOOD!

Sally said...

If I do not have a K beater, can I still try out this recipe? What can I use then? Thanks.

Hugbear said...

Hi Fynn, thanks for your feedback.

Sally, you can use the whisk of your mixer if you don't have a k-beater.

Anonymous said...

Hi hugbear

I chanced upon your blog while browsing. Am also interested in baking and so are my kids. We done a little of cupcakes and cookies but didn't turn out the way it shd be - cookies were not sweet and the cupcakes were rather dry..

Am glad to have "stumbled" into your blog and find interesting receipes.

Thanks loads for a big heart to share with many others!

Mummy to JJs

Shirley said...


I wld appreciate if you cld kindly advise me the oven temperature which I have to pre-set for baking cupcakes, cookies and bread?

I think my uncertainity of the temperature is part of the reason why my cookies, cakes and bread turns out really dry. Whereas the coffee and pandan chiffon turns out nice on the outside but kinda wet on the inside.

Many thanks.

Hugbear said...

Hi Shirley,

When you say pre-set, do you mean preheat the oven? If yes, then you preheat your oven at the same temp your recipe asked for, for about 10 mins. Preheating your oven prior to baking your cake/cookies is important because when you preheat your oven your cake will be bake at the correct temp. Imagine if your oven has not been preheated and you put you cake in and start the oven. The oven will take a while to reach the temp you have set and the cooking time will definitely be different.

Hugbear said...

Hi Shirley,

When you say pre-set, do you mean preheat the oven? If yes, then you preheat your oven at the same temp your recipe asked for, for about 10 mins. Preheating your oven prior to baking your cake/cookies is important because when you preheat your oven your cake will be bake at the correct temp. Imagine if your oven has not been preheated and you put you cake in and start the oven. The oven will take a while to reach the temp you have set and the cooking time will definitely be different.

hiding my identity said...

Hi, I loved your recipe of Oreo Cookie Cup cake.. As you mentioned you used yoru basic recipe of vanilla cup cakes I need to ask you an eggless version of the same. I am a pure vegetarian and hence need an eggless recipe for vanilla cup cakes where i can add oreo cookies like you did..

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee Lee,

Can I reduce the baking powder to
1 tsp instead of 1 tbsp. Will it affect the cupcakes?

Hugbear said...

Maybe you want to reduce to 2 tsp or 1/2 tbsp. Too little the cake may not rise as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee Lee,

My oven has upper and lower heat with fan mode. Do I use both to bake the cupcakes or only the lower heat.
What went wrong if my cupcakes have a sticky top after cooling.


Hugbear said...

Jenny, you can use both top and bottom heat w/o fan mode. Maybe you have underbake the cupcake to have a sticky top.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Do you have classes on frosting? This is really an emergency!

Hugbear said...

No, I do not conduct classes for frosting. What kind of emergency do you have. Maybe you want to email me at

Anonymous said...

The venue where you will be conducting your baking lesson, thank you Hug bear. I really wanna learn baking from you badly and how much will it cost?

Anonymous said...

hi 0 just wondering how many cupcakes does this recipe make?

Anonymous said...

Hi Hugbear,

Just tried this recipe. It taste real good. But my cupcake doesn't rise round like yours. Mine sink a little after I remove from the oven and became flat. Why is that so? And the bottom part is still quite wet where as the top already dark brown. Do I bake it longer at the same temp or lower the temp a little and bake longer?


Anonymous said...

Hi Baking Mum,

I am thinking of adding some blueberries to this recipe. Is there anything i should add or cut down ? The blueberry cupcake that I learnt from the baking school was so so only. Nothing beats your recipe. I have tried this recipe and the cake turns out perfect so am wandering if i could add some variations to it.


Hugbear said...

Hi Tibits1, no need to change anything. You can make variations by adding blueberry, strawberries, dried cranberry, raisins, etc.

Hugbear said...

Hi Ng, just trying covering the top with foil if it is already brown and bake it a little longer.

Anonymous said...

hello baking mum! i am a new reader of ur blog...first thing is....ur very admirable and indeed talented! having said that..i wanted to try this vanilla cupcake cause i havent found the cupcake recipe i would love. I do have a concern though...i always use cups in my baking and i seem to be having a problem with the recipe cause you use grams. If u dont mind...can u give me a copy of a recipe that is converted to cups instead of grams? thnks! i'll highly apprecaite it!

PS: i would probably make this with buttercream icing and i read on one of the posts here that i can cancel out at least 30g from the castor sugar for it to be ok when frosted? is it advicable?

thanks! more power and Godbless always!


Charlie said...

i had to make 30 cupcakes for a work event, i thought id try this recipe and i was not disappointed, a double quantity easily made nearly 48 good size cupcakes and i got so many compliments!

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