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Ondeh Ondeh

This is a local dessert commonly known as ondeh ondeh. Whether this is a Malay or Chinese dessert, I have no idea. Anyway, the original ondeh ondeh does not have a coconut filling. Normally it is made of a sweet potato dough wrapped with some chopped gula melaka and boiled in a pot of boiling water and then coat with some steamed shredded coconut.

For me, I have always like my ondeh ondeh with coconut fried with gula melaka instead. Here is my version.

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600 gm of steamed and mashed sweet potato
2 tbsp pandan juice
250 gm white coconut shreds (add 1/2 tsp of salt and steam)
150 gm tapioca flour
1 tsp green colour (if sweet potato used is orange in colour, omit the colouring)
3 tbsp castor sugar

Mixed mashed sweet potato, tapioca flour, sugar, pandan juice and colouring (if used) and knead into a dough. If dough is dry, you can add some water (a tbsp at a time) until dough is soft and not dry.

Pinch some dough and make into a small ball. Flatten it with your palm and put filling in it and wrap it up. Boil a pot of hot water.

When water boils, put the wrapped ondeh ondeh into the pot and let it cook. When ondeh ondeh floats to the top, the dough is cooked. Roll cooked ondeh ondeh in the steamed white coconut shreds.

Either use 200 gm of gula melaka (cut into small pieces)
250 gm gula melaka
4 tbsp castor sugar
4 tbsp water
1 coconut w/o skin (shredded)
1/2 tsp salt
6 pcs pandan leaves (optional)
1 tbsp flour mix with 2 tbsp water

Boil gula melaka, sugar and water until all the sugar dissolve. Sift the mixture. Pour the shredded coconut into the sifted mixture. Add in salt and mix well. Pour in flour mixture and stir until well mixed. Leave aside to cool before using.


Blessedhomemaker said...

Hugbear, it looks so moist and yummy.

culinary said...

wah so juicy....

sunny_dreamzz said...

hihi..i happen to come across a cotton sponge cake by angie who claims that she got the recipe from kitchencapers posted by you. As i am not a menber, could you kindly post the cotton sponge cake recipe on your blog?? i would greatly appreciate that cos it looks so nice!

Ellena Mummy said...

Wow.. now i know there is another way for making this juicy nice Ondeh Ondeh..Thanks Hugbear!.. So happy to see your blog.. it will always be on my list for your new post....

Hugbear said...

Thanks all, do give this recipe a try. This is different from just using glutinous rice flour as the skin. This is a softer and sweeter kind of skin for ondeh ondeh. If you do try please share with me your experience ok?

Summy_Dreamzz, I will post my cotton sponge cake recipe for you. Hope you will like it.

Jennifer said...


Thanks for sharing, have been looking for a ondeh ondeh recipe using sweet potato.

BoZo said...

Lee Lee,

Thank you so much for the ondeh ondeh, it's indeed very soft and yummy!

cranberry said...

Lee2, thanks for yr ondeh2, it's so soft and juicy! yummy... will try out yr recipe one of these days.

Thanks for sharing.

Angie said...


The ondeh ondeh looks so good, bursting with filling : )

Hope you don't mind me giving Summy_Dreamzz your blog link, as I didn't want to post your recipe on my blog without your permission.

Anonymous said...


Good job. Your ondeh-ondeh look yummy. Thinking of giving it a try. By the way, can I use the coconut filling to make coconut bun?


Jiji said...



The above commends was posted by me

Hugbear said...

Hi Jiji, yes, this is the exact fillings you would use for coconut buns. You can use this filling for Kueh dardar (the green pancake wrapped with coconut filling).

Thanks Angie, of course I don't mind.

Anonymous said...

Nice ondeh ondeh! So tempted to do it right away. I have all the ingredients now ....except freshly grated coconuts :(


sunny_dreamzz said...

Thanks for posting the cotton sponge cake recipe! =)

Hugbear said...

Ma-li, if you don't want to have too much, you can half the recipe. You can get the grated coconut from NTUC. They are ok to be used. Remember to steam it with 1/2 tsp of salt before using it. This is to prevent the coconut from turning sour in our hot weather.

Puspha said...


Vanessa said...

Lee Lee

Tks for posting this recipe. Is tapioca flour & tapioca starch the same type of flour?


Hugbear said...

Hi Vanessa, yes they are the same.

delia said...

Your ondeh-ondeh looks very tempting. I was wondering does tapioca flour mix together with the mashed sweet potato? It's not stated in the method. thanks.

Hugbear said...

Delia, you are right, I missed that out. Will correct my recipe. Thanks.

bunnybon said...

hi was googling for ondeh ondeh recipes and stumbled upon your site.. can i check with you what "pandan juice" is? also, in a later recipe you used "pandan paste"?

thanks much

Hugbear said...

bunnybon, pandan juice is blending pandan leaves with water to get the pandan juice.

Pandan paste is the lazy way out. It a paste with pandan flavour and the green colouring in it.

Blessedhomemaker said...

Hugbear, Just tried your ondeh ondeh. Very yummy, it's soft and yet with a slight delightful chew. I need to work on my filling though. I used solely gula melaka but yet to have the oozing into the mouth kinda filling yet. Any tips for me?

Hugbear said...

Blessed, the tip is you have to make the filling a bit wet but then, it will be testing on your wrapping skills if the filling is too wet. LOL

Blessedhomemaker said...

Thank you Hugbear, for your precious tips. Will definitely work on my skill. :)

shirley said...

Hi Lee Lee

I am very keen to try your recipe. May I know the skin is more chewy or soft. I tried a few receipes but am not fully satisfy as I like the soft type.


Hugbear said...

Shirley, this is more towards the soft type with a bit of chewiness. It's very good, go try it.

The Viewfinder of Mr and Mrs Kuo said...

Thanks for this wonderful Recipe. Tried it and it taste marvellous! My Hubby love it so much that he munched down many of them :)

It's easy except for the wrapping part. Heh.

Kamila said...

Hihi, I am a 11 yr old gal and my mum is cooking the ondeh ondeh..looking forward to eating it

Hugbear said...

Hi Kamila, how was your ondeh ondeh. Did you like it? How come you are not helping your mum to make?

Hugbear said...

Hi Mrs Kuo, thanks for letting me know that you have tried the recipe and it works for you.

Anonymous said...


I wld like to try yr recipe on ondeh ondeh. The filling of 1 coconut w/o skin (shredded) is roughly how many grams? cos i am getting it fr NTUC.


Kamila said...

lol i am not good in baking! my mum made the ondeh ondeh without the coconut fillings though i prefer with!
anyways the ondeh ondeh was delicious thanks for the recipe

Anonymous said...

tried out your recipe, and it was delicious! thankyou!

here my post on it! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I tried the ondeh ondeh recipe today. couldn't find tapioca flour so I used tapioca starch instead. not sure if that was the reason that the ondeh was so chewy.

i kept adding the tapioca starch, almost 3/4 tapioca starch : 1 portion of sweet potato. the sweet potato was so moist that I kept adding the starch, else it would be impossible to roll into a ball. i steamed the sweet potato hoping that it will be less moist but i guess it didn't help. any suggestions on what i did wrong?

Anonymous said...

hi leelee,
PT here. tried your ondeh ondeh recipe today.
husband and son like this recipe but daughter prefers the recipe with glutinous rice flour. with thinner skin, you can feel the spurts of gula melaka exploding in the mouth.
on the whole, the skin texture is good, as it is soft and "QQ"(rubbery).
however, i find working with tapioca flour a bit tricky. tapioca flour is sticky and the balls do get stuck at the bottom of the boiling pan, which results in gula melaka leaking out. do you have problem at the boiling stage?

bearlover said...

hey.. i'm a 19yrs-old girl.. i like baking but never bake before coz i dun hav an oven.. i only hav an microwave oven bt i dunno how to use it for baking.. does anyone know how to use a microwave oven to bake chocolate cake? what equipments & ingredients that i need to use for baking the cake?

Anonymous said...

Can we keep the unfinished ondeh ondeh in fridge? How to preseve it for getting harden? As mine always get tough after overnight =(
Or how long can we leave it at room temp b4 it turn bad ? wthks

Hugbear said...

If you want to keep in fridge, make sure it is kept in an airtight container. Thaw it out before eating.

Anonymous said...

for the filling, you said 1 tbsp flour mix with 2 tbsp water. What flour are you using here?

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

for the filling, if i just want to use gula malaka, do i just wrap the chopped gula malaka to the skin, or i need to melt gula malaka first?

Hugbear said...

To put only gula melaka as the filling. Make sure you chop the gula melaka into fine pieces so that it will melt when the ondeh ondeh is being boiled in the water.

I just re-read my reply to Blessedhomemaker and realised that I did not understand her question correctly. I should be giving her the same tip as I did above.

Anonymous said...

hi Hugbear, thanks for the answer on the fillings. Btw, can i omit the pandan juice cos i dont have a blender at home to blend the juice out :P

sherry said...

hi Hugbear, was really excited to try this recipe today but alas, there was no yummy ondeh ondeh at the end of it. had to keep adding tapioca flour...200gm tapioca flour to 300gm sweet potato before i can work with the mixture. recipe called for only 75gm of tapioca flour but was impossible to roll into ball before that. can only taste the chewy tapioca flour. appreciate your advice as to what went wrong. am determined to get this right & surprise hubby with it. thnx

Hugbear said...

Hi Sherry, actually the recipe calls for 150g of tapioca flour and not 75g. Was your mashed sweet potato very wet? Usually when I make this the sweet potato after mashing is not very wet, still a little dry. That is why after I add the tapioca flour, I still need to add a bit of water to knead until the dough is right to wrap the coconut filling.

Brayden said...

hi ... i tried the receipe ... it works fine except that i think i need to have a better wrapping skill ... tried the coconut fillings but keep flowing out ... would suggest the fillings to be freeze before wrapping ... use pandan juice by pounding it and squeezing it before filtering it .... dough turned out to be jade green with nice pandan smell ... used about 200gm of tapioca flour with around 600 gm of sweet potato ... would suggest yellow potato to make a nice colour ... thanks for the receipe !! looking forward to try out ur other recipe ... Bray

Hugbear said...

Hi Brayden, tried adding a bit of flour to thicken the filling. I have no problem with adding just 75g of tapioca flour. Let me show you my step-by-step pictures of how I did mine just two weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hugbear

I have doubt of the filling
1 coconut w/o skin (shredded) & ingredients:
250 gm white coconut shreds are both the same thing? I never see NTUC got sell coconut w/o skin.

Only saw the coconut cream/milk on the shelf or are you refering to that?

Hugbear said...

The weight of the coconut depends on how big the coconut is. If you are in doubt just go by the weight and not by the number of coconut.

I bought the shredded coconut w/o skin from NTUC. Usually put together with the coconut cream in a plastic packet in the fridge section.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hugbear

I'm so sorry I still have doubt

The shredded coconut w/o skin(you have explain) is for the decortion outside the Ondeh Ondeh (white like feather)but how abt the 1 coconut w/o skin (shredded)that to be put inside the filling. My question is that cream coconut or the look like feather.

Hope you are understand of what Im trying to say..

Hugbear said...

The shredded coconut w/o skin is the same type for the inside and the outside. Except that for outside, you need to add 1 tsp of salt to it and mix it well and steam for 5 mins before using it to coat the cooked ondeh ondeh.

The inside one, you need to cook it with the sugar and gula melaka to make it as the filing. The picture shown here should be able to give you a good picture of how to use the shredded coconut. Hope this is clear to you now.

Anonymous said...

Hi hugbear

I have tried the ondeh ondeh. Well it my first time and turn out Successful.

After boil the gula melaka it really difficult to wrap it. My Sweet potato seen to be very thick.

As I duno how many gm is 1 coconut w/o skin (shredded)So I bought from ntuc is 250gm. I use all at the filling and not sure is it the reason I left over some filling.Which I duno what to do with it and i just throw away haiz quite a waste. I will make again....Thanks for your help Me Lee Lee

Hugbear said...

I usually also use 1 packet of the white coconut shreds from NTUC. The leftover coconut fillings can be used for making kueh dadar or coconut filling bread.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hugbear

Kueh dadar is it the food wrap with green colour skin. Ya that a nice food too but could you share wif me your recipe.Beside doing the ondeh ondeh I have tried alot of your dish. Butter cake,Beggar chicken,fried tung hoon etc End of 2009 should be able to completed all your blog dishes.People say I'm crazy.. Hard working reading recipe more then study..haha. You may email the recipe to Thanks alot hugbear

Hugbear said...

Hi Anonymous, thanks for liking my blog. The kueh dadar intih recipe is on my blog too.

ChezzyHeart said...

hi Lee Lee,

For the filling,
" 2 tbsp flour mix with 2 tbsp water"

Is the flour tapioca flour oso? just to cfm.

I made this last wkend, all ppl said it was very delicious, thks for sharing the recipe. U had never fail us =)

may i ask, how long can we keep the ondeh ondeh in room temp after made? thks

ChezzyHeart said...


It shld be
' 1 tbsp flour with 2 tblsp water' as mentioned in ur recipe.

may i repeat my earlier qns? ('blush')
1) So was it tapioca flour too mixed in the coconut filling?

2) how long can we keep the ondeh ondeh in room temp after made. thks

Oso, before my dough was done, I i keep the cool coconut filling in the fridge 1st worrying it may turned bad but realised the filling did omit out the gulu melaka juice, it's normal?

lastly,do u squeese out some juice from the filling before wrap in dough? As mine was abit too damp thus i've had hard time wrapping it =p, but the effort thus pay off cos it was really yummy..^^

ps. sori for being so loooooong winded..heeee

Amy said...

Thank you, Lee! Finally achieved the oozing into the mouth kinda filling by following your advice... chop gula melaka into small pcs and btw, I used Japanese sweet potatoes, really taste yum, yum. Thumbs up for your great recipe!

My Taste Heaven said...

This is the one that I am looking for. I just bought some last week in the wet market, the fill was so little.
Look at yours, so juicy! Yummy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hugbear,

For the filling of the ondeh ondeh, if i were to use only gula melaka, do i need to boil it first before straining it? My mum told me that some contains tiny sand-like particles. But i remember just choppping it up withing boiling it when i was in my home econs class. Please kindly enlighten. Many thanks.


Anonymous said...

Hello hugbear.

I'm only recently started baking and making desserts and still very new!
ondeh ondeh has been one of my childhood fav, and i wanna try to learn to make them!
prob is, there are so many recipes with diff variations,
ie. using glutinous flour instead of tapioca flour, and not using sweet potatoes etc.
cld u kindly advise on what's the difference? and how would it affect the end result? cos I really don't know which recipe t choose from! thanks!
cld u reply to my email?

Hugbear said...

Hi Jo, no need to boil. Just chop up the gula melaka and use that to wrap with the skin.

Hugbear said...

If you use only glutinious rice flour to make the ondeh ondeh, the texture will be very chewy and not soft. By using sweet potato it gives it a softer texture. It depends on what type your personal preference is.

Anonymous said...

how many oneh onehs will this recipe make??

Josephine said...

Hi hugbear..

May I know where do you buy good gula melaka? So far those I have bought are hard to melt and don't really have the nice gula melaka taste..


Hugbear said...

Hi Josephine, if you have friends visiting Malacca, you can get them to bring some back for you. It is good.

Hi Anonymous, I do not really know how many. It also depends on the size of the ondeh ondeh you make. The ones I made was medium in size.

McFadyen-Koh said...

Hi Hugbear,

I tried today using your recipe, but disappointing result as I have problem trying to make the ball with the filling inside. The filling keep flowing out and the dough seems to be not able to stick it well!!
My first attempt!!!
Any tips on how to roll the ball with the filling not flowing out??

Hugbear said...

Hi McFadyen-Koh, you can try to make the skin thicker if you have problem wrapping the filling in. Also try to make the filling a bit more sticky. That is, use a bit of plain flour mix with water to fry the filling at the last part to make it a bit more sticky so that it can be easier to wrap it in.

McFadyen-Koh said...

Hello Hugbear,
Thanks for answering my question.
In fact the filling is quite sticky. But I will try again using your advice.

Do you have a step-step demonstration on how to wrap up to a ball after pressing on the palm and add in the filling?
Sorry if this sound silly.

gorilla said...

Hi Baking mum,

I tried making the ondeh ondeh twice, the skin was soft and nice at the very moment when they were cooked from the pot but after sometime when they cool down, the skin becomes tougher. How can I modify the skin to make it softer? By adding more water to the dough?

Anonymous said...

ondeh - ondeh in my country it's called KLEPON
if name of ondeh - ondeh doesn't like that ....
ondeh - ondeh with a wijen
but KLEPON is with a coconut parutan

RZ said...


I'm a Singaporean living in USA now. My partner is craving for ondeh ondeh that we haven't been eating for a long sometime. Could like to check with you is it possible to use pandan essense instead of pandan leave, as i can't find it here. How many drops should i put? Besides, how many serving would you recommend for your recipe? Can i use japanese sweet potato?

Hugbear said...

Hi RZ, you can use pandan paste. No problem at all. Even in Singapore where pandan leaves are easily available, I also like to use pandan paste due to laziness. Yes, any kind of sweet potato is fine. The colour of your ondeh ondeh may not be green in color.

Hugbear said...

Hi RZ, yes you can use pandan paste. But if you want to use Jap sweet potato and it is purple in colour, just omit the pandan paste and let your ondeh ondeh takes on the natural colour of the sweet potato. If you use orange sweet potate like what I did here it will turn out like a dark orange colour. Only if you are using very light yellow colour sweet potato then you can add pandan paste to get the green colour like normal ondeh ondeh.

Thar said...

Dear Hugbear,

Hello! Just made my very first attempt at ondeh-ondeh today, and it was a terrific experience! My first batch was a DISASTER! The dough was too moist, the gula melaka kept leaking and during the boiling stage, it turned the water brown. >n< It was such a sad sight to see it turn out that way, mostly due to impatience and excitement.

So, I made a second batch! 100% improvement, really! It turned out cute, no leaking, boiled perfectly, and turned out awesome. I'd like to know how I can achieve the kind of texture where it explodes in your mouth, and the sugar oozes all over? =)

Best regards,
Thar, 21

Hugbear said...

Hi Thar,

Just finely chop up the gula melaka or grate it. The gula melaka should have melted when you boil your ondeh ondeh so it gives the explosion when you bite into it.

Ling said...

Thanks for your recipe. After searching for a soft texture ondeh2, I think I will try yours. Lovely pic.
BTW, do you think I can omit the sugar in the dough, hubby cannot take too much sugar.
Thank for your reply. God bless all that your do.

Anonymous said...

Will try your recipe which I think is what I am looking fror. Thanks for posting.
Can I omit sugar in the dough.

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