Sunday, December 03, 2006

Crystal Prawn Dumpling

Last weekend I bought a few cookbooks from Harris in JB. One of them is this book.

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Tried out the crystal prawn dumpling in that book and it turned out not too bad.

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Crystal Prawn Dumpling (recipe from Delicious Dim Sum)

Ingredients for the dough
110 gm wheat starch
220 gm potato starch
160 gm boiling water

Ingredient A
3 water chestnut (minced)

Ingredients for the filling
300 gm fresh prawn
3 gm msg
3 gm salt
6 gm sugar
5 gm potato starch
1 tsp sesame oil

1. Combine filling ingredients until elastic. Add in A.
2 Pour in the boiling water to the dough ingredients until half-cooked. Knead into a dough.
3 Knead dough into a long strip. Divide into equal parts, each 15 gm. Roll into flat round piece.
4. Wrap in 20 gm filling and fold into a har kow shape. Steam over high heat for 5 minutes.

(Note: I did not weigh dough and filling. All go by agaration. Very important to note that you have to use boiling water. If water is not hot enough, it will affect the texture of the skin.)


elizabeth said...

Drooling over your crystal prawn dumpling now! Really miss it!

jq said...


Wow! So fast you already tried the recipes....I have not even opened up the one I super woman! The dumplings look so plump and juicy..!!

Hugbear said...

You want to try making it on your own. Must tell you the wrapping is not easy if you want the skin to be very thin. It will break quite easily.

Anonymous said...

really look so delicious, am pratically demolishing them off the screen hahahaa


PutuPiring said...

Hi hugbear,
I have that book , your dumplings look so much nicer than the ones in the book.
I also tried your baby pandans this morning. it was a hit!! Thanks for sharing the recipe

Hugbear said...

jq, the book is bought to be tried not to be kept. LOL.

Putupiring, thanks for your compliments. I guess you think my look nicer because I made the skin thinner than what the book showed. Hahaha.

Thanks for letting me know that you like the mini pandan chiffon cake.

Helena, enough for you to demolish from the screen or not. If not, I can post one more plate for you on screen. Hehehe

ellen said...

Hi Lee Lee

The har gow looks reaaaaaaaally good !!

Am swallowing my saliva !!!

Warm regards

Anonymous said...

HI hugbear .., your crystal dumplings are very nice !! can share the recipe? Kellie

Jennifer said...


Your dumplings look very yummy and beautifully done.

Looking forward to see more of your tim sums.


Hugbear said...

Thanks all for your compliments. The recipe will be up soon.

purplegirl said...

Hi hugbear,

Wow! Am drooling over your har gow. Really pui fook & hats off to you for attempting the recipe. I don´t think I have the courage to attempt wrapping skills sucks (very embarrasing) Maybe someday...

Hugbear said...

Purplegirl, try other easier recipe in that book first if you are afraid to tackle har kow. What other dim sum you would like to try?

purplegirl said...

Hi hugbear,

I don´t have that book that you´re refering to. One dim sum which I would like to try is Woo Kok (yam puff) as this is my fav. But I was told that it´s very important to find very fluffy yam for this recipe. Here in Germany, fluffy yam is hard to come by :(

Cindi said...

LeeLee, this is the first time I am putting a comment here. I love your bakes and cooks, so nice...and professional.. need to learn a lot from you.

Hugbear said...

Hi Cindi, how do you get to know of my blog? Thanks for loving my bakes and cooks. Feel free to try out the recipes I have posted in my blog and give me comments too.

GH said...

Sorry to sound silly, but what is wheat starch?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I tried your recipe the other day, mine looks totally horrible and unimaginable. Is wheat starch the same as plain flour? The supermarket personnel told me its the same thing.

Hugbear said...

Wheat starch is totally different from plain flour. When I have my digicam back, I will take a pix of the wheatstarch to show you.

sinmal said...

Tried your recipe but when I tried wrapping, some of the wrapper cracked. I did make it thinner but could it be b'coz the dough was a little dry ? Also the dough feels a bit too "stretchy" - what could cause the stretchiness ? Other than that, it was crystal looking and taste good. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi hugbear, can i know if i can prepare the dumpling the night before, fridge it, only to steam it the next day? 'Cos preparing a few other dishes next day so afraid no time to do this dish.



Hugbear said...

Hi Rita, it is not advisable to do this a day ahead and steam it the next day as the skin of the dumpling will be extremely tough. This is best eaten freshly made and steamed.

Fusion said...

what exactly is wheat starch? Is it tapioca starch?

I need you to clarify the def of wheat starch before i can try the recipe.


Hugbear said...

Fusion, I have taken a pix of the wheat starch for you to see. Wheat starch is different from tapioca starch.

Hugbear said...

Fusion, see if this link works.

Fusion said...

thanks for the pic... i live in geneva switzerland and am not sure i can find wheat starch. Is there any other alternative?

I'd really like to try the recipe but without this essential ing. can't. :(

btw i really like dumplings and want to try a recipe that works...

Hugbear said...

Fusion, I am afraid there is no substitue for this wheat flour. This flour is a must for tim sum recipes.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hugbear,

I was astonishes by your prawn dumplings and tried them out..
but I didn't realize that wheat starch and plain flour aretwo different thing..also, can I substitute potato starch with corn starch? I actually did and my dumplings look horrible!


Hugbear said...

Teddy, actually I am not sure if it is a good idea to substitute with corn flour.

David@Cooking said...

Hi Hugbear
Made your Har Kow Recipe. It was good except that I need some advice to to make to skin a bit tougher. The reson being that if I can make the skin a bit tougher I can make the skin a bit thinner. Shall I add more Wheat Starch or tapioca starch to make it tougher? Thanks again for the wonderful recipe.

David@Cooking said...

Hi Hugbear
Sorry to trouble you again. Just to verify whether the 160gm of boiling water is enough for the 330gm of Wheat/Potato starch? It was a bit dry with the configuration listed but I did a bit more water to made the dough workable. Thanks again for the time and recipe. Hope to hear from you.

Hugbear said...

Hi David, if the boiling water is not enough you can always add a little more to make your dough workable. Don't worry about adding more water if your flour is too dry. But must be boiling water.

Hugbear said...

David, if you make the skin tougher but thin the texture of the har kow won't be that good. It will still be very chewy. Especially when it has cooled down.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hug bear

What to you mean by 3 water chestnut (minced)? Tks

adeline said...


may i know after making the crystal dumplings, anyway to prevent the skin frm getting tough if i were to steam only later like 2-3hrs ltr?

Hugbear said...

This dim sum has to be made and steam immediately. It can be kept for so long before steaming.

Jessie said...

hi lee lee

may i know which recipe is better as compared btw the crystal dumpling & har kow? i discoved the ingredent for the rough different. One needed more wheat flour & another needed more potato flor.
Pls advice. Thanks

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