Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Hosting of photos

It is so frustrated with Photobucket free hosting service. The width band limit is 1GB only every month. And everytime you used up the 1GB in that month, you have to wait till the next month to get your account set back to 0. If not, the photos are not able to be seen. How frustrating. Wonder if there are any other free hosting websites to host our photos. I am trying to upload some of my photos to Picture Trail and see how.


grub said...

Maybe you could resize the photos for a small jpeg or upload using blogger's picasa it gives you about 1024 MB.

Shabs.. said...

Oh my god, does the photoes disappear too....cos i just started using photobucket and saw they have good space coverage....I was using for sometime, but i think that their free limit is only 50 pics...u can try using

Anonymous said...

Hi Hugbear

Read about your frustrating experience. Found this on the net, don't know if it is useful to you.

Have not tried this website though, have been using photobucket all these while.

Little Corner of Mine said...

I know how frustrating it is, I used to use photobucket too. Do you know you can just load the photo in blogger without going through this service? This is what I do now and they give us lots of memory space.

Cayle said...

Flikr would be a great idea.

I just watch out for my photobucket. haha
when it starts getting there, I just use my other one!
yes frustrating but it works

Anonymous said...

Hi Hugbear ,
you can try
or upload direct from computer to blog . I don't think they are limit .


Hugbear said...

Thanks everyone for your advice.

Ching, how do you upload direct to blog?

Par said...

I use to use photo bucket, but there are limits and it mess up my blog if photo's don't appear. So I went with Flickr, It's paid but a very good photo storage. In some way I feel other free sites might close down one day and there will always be limits on how much photo's can be uploaded.

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