Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tau Suan

This morning my older boy followed hubby and I to the market. Whilst I was queuing for some yu tiao (Chinese fried fritters), he asked if I can make some tau suan for him since we have yu tiao at home. So I got my domestic helper to help me steam some mung beans (split yellow beans = green beans without skin). The trick to this dessert is not to oversteam the beans as you will be cooking it in the sugar pandan leave water further before adding sweet potato starch.

Here you have my home made tau suan.



1 packet of mung beans (I will check for the weight of that pkt that I used)
some pandan leaves
some sugar
sweet potato starch
Yu Tiao

1. Soak mung beans for 1 hour. Drain and steam mung beans in a steamer for about 30minutes. The mung beans at this stage is still quite hard.
2. Boil a pot of water of roughly 1800ml and add a bundle of pandan leaves inside. Bring the water to a boil and then add sugar to taste. Pour in steamed mung beans and stir and cook until the mung beans has soften. In between cooking, you can test by softness by picking up one or two beans and test it.
3. Mix about three tbsp of sweet potato starch with some water for thickening the tau suan.
4. When the mung beans are soft enough, add the sweet potato starch mixture slowly with one hand and stir the tau suan with the other hand. It is important to keep stirring the mixture when adding the starch to prevent it from lumping up. Stop when the tau suan has reach the kind of starchyness that you like and turn off fire. Some people like it more starchy whereas some like it less. So you the amount of sweet potato starch to add depends on how you like it.
5. You can top off with some yu tiao before serving. For those who cannot get hold of yu tiao, you can instead add some thick coconut milk on top before serving.

(Note: Reason why I didn't steam the mung beans to very soft is because when cooking it to add starch, I didn't want the mung beans to overcook and become mashy. I want the beans to be seen whole.)


spunkz said...

i love tau suan. yours is whetting my appetite for some right now though i don't know where to find any in kl.hehe. shall hunt for it when i go back to johor soon. :)

renaye said...

nevr tried this before!

wenn said...

thx for the recipe!

Anonymous said...

*sob sob* last night i went to toa payoh lorong 8 in search for tau suan... only to be told that it was sold out... ; ( Ah Leng

Hugbear said...

Spunkz, I realised that some places in Malaysia don't sell desserts that we can get in Singapore. Like in JB, we cannot find chengdol.

Renaye, this is a very common dessert in Singapore. You can almost find it at any dessert stall at the foodcourt or hawker centre.

Wenn, no problem.

Ah Leng, poor thing.

Michelle said...

Hi, could u kindly send me the recipes for Tau Suan at Thanks!!!

AK said...

nice asian desert, i made sweet black g. rice recently..hmm. perhaps should try this too

Hugbear said...

Michelle, I can briefly tell you the steps and ingredients needed as I did not measure the ingredients when I cooked it.

Shirley @ Kokken69 said...

Hi Baking Mum, thanks for the recipe.You made it sound so manageable. Will try it out.

Little Corner of Mine said...

I love this simple dessert too!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was looking for recipes on tao suan and came across yours and another blogger who has the exact same recipe and pictures as yours... I realised yours was posted earlier in 2009, whereas the blogger posted in Jan 2011. Here's the website of that blogger

Anonymous said...

Opps, sorry I just realised your webpage was mentioned in the blogger's site..

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