Monday, March 12, 2007


My son Jonathan was asking for donuts today and these are made for him. He likes it very much. DH also asked me to let him bring some to his office tomorrow.

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300 gm bread flour
200 gm plain four
60 gm sugar
10 gm salt
20 gm milk powder (i use full cream milk)
1/2 tbsp baking powder
3 1/2 tsp instant yeast
2 egg yolks
280 ml cold water
50 gm butter or shortening

1. In a bowl, put in all ingredients except butter and salt. Mix to form a dough (about 2-3 mins). Add in salt and butter and continue to knead at high to medium speed. Knead for about 5 mins, do the stretch test to see if dough is ready. Flour your tabletop with some bread flour, take dough out and round it up into a ball and cover with a plastic wrap for about 1 hour to rise.

2. After 1 hr, divide dough into small portion (abt 10-15 gm per portion). Roll into a small round ball using your palm on the tabletop. For those who wants a bigger donuts instead of the mini ones, divide into bigger portion, maybe like 30 gm and do the same until you finish up all the dough. Cover it and leave it to prove for another 35 to 40 mins.

3. Hot some oil in a pot for frying the donuts, remember oil must not be too hot or else donuts will be very dark. For me as I do not want to buy donuts cutter, what I did was take a round ball of dough, poke a hole in the centre and stretch it round to form a donut shape and put in oil to fry. Fry for only a min or 2 or until golden brown. Take it out drain it and coat with castor sugar. For those who are doing the small portion type you can fry the whole round ball directly and you will have round ball ball donuts, also a hit with the kids.

For donuts you have to eat it on the same days, the donuts is so soft and nice. If you keep it overnight the sugar will melt the next day. If you want to keep overnight for the next day, I suggest you very lightly coat it with sugar so that the next day before you eat it can re-coat it again with sugar.

Chocolate coating
Chopped up 150 gm of cooking chocolate and put it into a bowl. Double-boil it and add about 80 ml of whipping cream and mix well. When chocolate is full melted, coat donuts with it. Sprinkle with whatever you like on top, it can be nuts, chocolate chips, colour sugar beads, etc.


Anonymous said...

Wow Lee Lee, what can I say?? U r one hardworking mum, cheers to you!!

BTW, did not hve time to make the egg white cake over the weekend. Saw yr pics in IK, u r looking well and so r the rest of the members. Hope to c u one of these days !!
kind rgds, k

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee Lee

You never fail to impress me. Your bakes are all swee swee. Really got lots to learn from you.

aretha said...

can you post the recipe for your doughnuts? im a student studying abroad and i love trying out various new recipes :)

Hugbear said...

Sure I have to get it typed. My hubby recent reformatted our computer and most of my recipes are wiped out. I have to start building up my recipes again. Haiz...

Cuisine Paradise said...

Hi Lily.... I really love to try out your donut too.. if you can post the recipe like what Aretha request... and futhermore can u teach me how to make the chocolate coating on the donuts? Does it melt in room temperature.. thanks? Hope to heard from u soon.. :)

Hugbear said...

Hi Ellena, I will post the recipe up as soon as I have it all typed out. Lost most of my recipes in my recent formatting of my computer.

LZmommy said...

Hi Hugbear
Was looking for donut recipe and I found you :) Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Dear Hugbear,
I made Donuts following your recipe, turned out excellent. We absolutely enjoyed it so much.
God Bless you abundantly,

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee Lee, i would love to try out the donut recipe coming NDP, if i'm to use the breadmachine to knead, do i put in all the ingredient at one go and use the 'dough' function to knead? After that, take out, divide into smaller dough and proceed as per instruction?

On more qns, do i need to melt the butter in the ingredient before adding into breadmachine too?

Thanks in advance for the lists of questions, but really keen on the pretty donut.

Hugbear said...

Thanks Sandy, glad to be able to share the recipe.

Hi Anonymous, if you using breadmachine, yes put everything into the pan as per your breadmachine instructions. The butter added must be hard or semi-hard not melted. Hope you can have great results in your donut making.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hugbear,
I tried your donuts recipe yesterday and it turned out wonderful. Thanks for sharing your many yummy recipes :D

Best Regards,

Hugbear said...

Hi BBerry, happy to know that you had success in your donut making. Cheers,

Anonymous said...


For the oil requirement, do I need alot of oil? Like I am deep-frying the donuts, or I just enough for the donut to be fully summerge inside??

Hugbear said...

Violet, just enough oil to submerge the donuts.

Anonymous said...

hello, Im back for more questions. xD

I tried making the donuts today again. But the batter was too sticky and watery. But, it was so sticky that it can really stretch. LOL. There's no way I could remove it from the bowl. I think I put too much milk. Or sth.. Can I omit using the milk powder or full cream milk? If not, how much milk am I suppose to use?

Is the the batter suppose to form a soft dough or a sticky dough or etc?

and erm, do you actually mix your batter using a electrical mixer or just mix it manually?

Because I tried using my electrical mixer (I just bought it, a few days ago. I am so new to all these stuffs!), and the dough actually got swirl up to the mixer! I really had to switch it off. and thus, the mixture was not properly done. I dunno whether there's something wrong with it or sth. Did I fix in my mixer equipment properly? o.O

LOL. There's still alot to learn I guess. Thanks, Baking Mum!

Anonymous said...

Hey Baking Mum..Thanks for all those recipes. Not many people are willing to share em. So thanks again.

If u don't mind..I would like to help Violet with her queries. If your batter is runny, you should try adding the water bit by bit until the dough is soft instead of adding all the water as stated in the recipe. Usually recipes can work for one person while others may need to improvise as temperature and humidity play a role also. As for your mixer, are you using a hand mixer or a table top one. For this recipe, hand mixers are not suitable. As for table tops, you need the dough hook to mix it. Or else it will get stuck like you said. Hope this helps. Haha..Im such a busy body. Couldn't help but wanting to answer...on someone elses blog some more. Sorry!

Hugbear said...

Thanks Anonymous, you are definitely not a busybody. You are a great help. Thanks for your reply to Wendy. I appreciate it very much.

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