Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dim Sum Day

This morning I was busy making dim sum for the family. I made siew mai, guo tieh and yam kueh. By the time my older boy came back from school around 11 am this morning, all the siew mai is gone, totally wiped out. Then I made a plate of guo tieh also all wiped out. I didn't even have a chance to take a picture of the guo tieh.

By the time the yam kueh was finished steaming, they were too full to eat it that is why you can still see the whole tray of yam kueh. The reason why I did the yam kueh was also because my dad has a craving for yam kueh. Twice when I visited him, he kept asking me how come I don't steam yam kueh. So finally this morning I steamed it for him. When I brought it over to his house this afternoon, he ate a piece and he said it is very nice. So glad my dad likes it. My dad himself was a very good cook when he was younger and his standard can be very high to meet you know.

Anyway, sharing with you my siew mai and the yam kueh.








wenn said...

how abt hot delivery to me? i love siew mai n the yam kueh..

Ken Wooi said...

well.. they do look delicious =)

Jean said...

wow. it must be real good. they look tempting and scrumptious! =)

Abigail said...

Just curious on the chillies on the yam cake - how did you manage to remove the seeds but this have the chillies sliced in rounds?

Hugbear said...

Abigail, if the chilli is big and a small knife can fit in, I will stick the knife in and turn it around to loosen the stem and seed and then shake it out. If the chilli are smaller and my knife cannot fit it, I will stick my twizzer in and turn it around to loosen the seeds and then try to break the stem with it and shake it out.

JJ said...

Wow it looks really yummy, I love yum and pumpkim kueh but do not know how to do it. I would like to give it try , can you share your receipe with us?

Hugbear said...

JJ, I will have to sort out the recipe and post it up here later. Give me some time to do that.

JJ said...

Thanks I shall wait for your receipe =)

Anonymous said...

Your yam kueh really looks yummy. Can you share the recipe with us?

Cat said...

Fantastic looking Yam cake... looking at it, seems like you bite on some bits of yam chunk. Very temptingly delicious.... sedap!! I'll definitely be looking forward to your recipe on this... NICE!!

Evangeline Lee En Xuan said...


I wish to learn how to make the yam cake..can write your recipe here for me..thanks


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