Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Udon Soup

As you know, my two boys are home alone. I need to prepare their lunch the night before so that they just need to heat up their lunch in the microwave when they want it. Tonight, I prepared the udon, octopus sausage, ham and fish tofu all ready in a bowl and kept it in the fridge. Tomorrow morning, I will cook the udon soup and leave it outside for them. Told my older boy to put some udon soup into the bowl and microwave one bowl at a time and to help his younger brother too.

One bowl each. Of course the bigger bowl is for the bigger boy and the smaller bowl for the smaller boy.




All wrapped and ready to be sent into the fridge.




Wen said...

Hi Hugbear,

You are really a very thoughtful and creative mum! Your boys are so blessed...

Yan said...

not only are you a wonderful cook, baker, a thoughtful Mommy and wife indeed !!!!!
those around you are blessed with foodies galore with you around.


Anonymous said...

love your octopus sausage cutter. where did you get them?

Hugbear said...

Thanks Wen, Yen and skinnymum. I try to make it as simple for them as possible. I don't want them to eat instant noodles everyday ... or fastfood for that matter.

Skinnymum, there is not cutter lah. I only used a small knife to cut the sausage into half. Make a few silts at one end and end the sharp end of the knife to make the eyes and mouth. Put in into a pot of boiling water to cook for a few minutes. That is all.

Family First said...

Baking mum .. you really impress me with your love for your kids. Hopefully I am game for this when my son grows up a little more .. would love to prepare these "love" meals for him too.

Beachlover said...

aiyoooh!! you are so creative and "yauh sam kei" to craves the sausages for your boys..lucky them! me lazy mom!I just microwave the sausage and my daughter just whack crazy..until finish! LOL!

Anonymous said...

you're such an amazing mom. wished my mom did all these for me.

Hugbear said...

Thank you for your kind comments. I just do what I can for them. To see them enjoy their food is my best reward.

Anonymous said...

hi lee lee

those sausages are 1st of its kind i've ever seen! u're sooo creative :)

Anonymous said...

Wow ! Your kids had been stuffed with really nice food. I can see your love to the kids from the sausages.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Its's me, tamtam (Sharon Leong).
I love all your receipes. After seeing yr blog keep telling myself dat I must learn how to bake but always say didnt do, heehee. Hope to have a chance to gather and try your food.

Olivia said...

Hi This is so cute. Even I am attracted to try them.

I believe my little nephew would love them if I were to do the same for him.

Thanks for sharing


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