Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kaya Swiss Roll

I have been contemplating making kaya swiss roll since last week. Finally managed to grab a jar of kaya from NTUC to make this tonight. Very soft and nice. Going to bring to the office to share with my colleagues.




delia said...

hmm...delicious. i tot of making this also but haven't make my kaya. will make kaya first then this.

Anonymous said...

Dearest baking mum,Wow, very very pretty-your colleagues are very lucky to eat your bakes!How do you make such beautiful swiss rolls-can i have your recipe and some baking tips? My swiss rolls have been consistantly bad :(Thanks
Regards, lara

Hugbear said...

Hi Delia, I prefer homemade kaya because you can control the sweetness of the kaya. But I have no time to make so I bought it from the supermarket and I think it is really sweet.

Hugbear said...

Hi Lara, actually I used the same swiss roll recipe that I have posted before and just added 1 tsp of pandan paste. The cake is quite soft to be roll up nicely. What do you mean by bad? Did it break or too dry or what?

jerejoy said...

Hi baking mum,

Yr swiss roll looks so yummy! =)

Anonymous said...

Dearest baking mum, everything you mentioned has happened in my swissrolls-break lah, dry lah, cannot roll up lah!aiyah,but after seeing your swissroll, i will attempt again.i think my main problem is overbaking and oven temp may be too high. Thanks for tempting me:)Lara

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