Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fried Meesiam

Hubby's colleague has requested for me to help him fry some dry meesiam and this is what I have done for him.



Did a small box separately for my mum and dad too.


Since visiting my mum and dad today, I also made some redbean mooncake jelly for them as they like to eat jelly. I gave them two pieces of yam and two pieces of redbean mooncake jelly. The redbean paste was leftover when I made my dorayaki.




Anonymous said...

Your mooncakes are lovely and so is the mould. May I know where you get them from?

Amy Goh said...

Wow so pretty and yummy looking. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi baking mum

I love to view your blog. Can you share your mee siam recipe?

Hugbear said...

The meesiam chilli is homemade. No actual measurements but I used shallots, garlic, lemon grass, blue ginger, candlenuts, balachan, fresh red chilli, red chilli powder, yellow ginger powder all grinded together. Cooked with lots of oil over medium fire for about 45 mins to 1 hr.

To cook the meesiam, you will need to add fermented soya beans, assam water, salt and sugar, the chilli paste, water, chives, taupok, taugay and beehoon. Fry the chilli paste first, then add in the assam water and the rest of the ingredients to fry the beehoon until the beehoon is soft and cooked.

Hugbear said...

I bought my jelly mooncake moulds from Ng Meng Huat in JB.

Anonymous said...

hey leelee,
someone passed me a meesiam recipe a few weeks ago, with addition of coconut milk. i was hesitant about adding coconut milk, but then i thought might as well give it a try.
i didn't like the result as it was too rich for me.
i then went round asking nyonyas and some malays whether they add langkuas, lemon grass, kunyit and bunga kantan. all of them told me that it is not neccessary. just use dried chillies, dried prawns, onions, a bit of garlic, buah keras, blachan, tau cheo and sugar.
i am still searching for a nice mee siam recipe. how does yours taste like? good?

Hugbear said...

P.T., if I cook my mee siam with gravy, I do add in a little bit of coconut milk, not too much though. Mine was taught to me by my dad and I like it his style. It is a bit sourish, sweet and spicy. But if I make dried mee siam than there is no need to add coconut milk of course.

Family First said...

Oh i love mee siam. My mom fries them every now & then for lunch or dinner or just a snack. Simple recipe at my blog too - which was my virgin attempt at cooking! Thanks for sharing your version too.

Anonymous said...


The mee siam & jelly mooncake looks so yummy! I don't like traditional mooncakes but would sure love to make the jelly ones like yours but ... I don't have the moulds :(


Anonymous said...

your fried mee-siam looks nice..

khwa -malaysia

Cake Lover said...

Hi Lee Lee,

Just love your Red Bean Mooncakes and would wonder whether you could share the recipe with us.

Thanks a lot!


Anonymous said...


Love your mooncake - good imprint and well coordinated colours of skin and filling. Simply stunning!

BTW I have been a silent reader of your blog for a while, its a must daily must visit with my morning coffee (its Florence, yours then Aunty Yochana). I get very excited whenever you have a new post (keep them coming, huh)

Keep up the good work!

petite fleur said...


I'm going to try your fried mee siam. Looks so good. Makes me home sick.

Check this out, you were given this

Pink Panter said...

Dear LeeLee,

I love your agar agar mooncakes. Do you sell them? I would like to get some for my family.

Anonymous said...

hey leelee,
wow! your daddy can cook too. i guess passion for cooking runs in the family.
do you mind sharing with us your dad's recipe?

Anonymous said...

hey leelee,
you have already shared your mee siam recipe in your earlier comment.
your dad's recipe is with langkuas, kunyit, lemon gass etc.
does he add in dried prawns?
sorry for all the questions but i am eager to perfect my mee siam recipe. thanks.

chicchicbaby said...

Ohhh...I love your red bean mooncake. Lee, can I buy the filling from PH?? (karen)

Hugbear said...

Thanks skinnymum for your great support.

For those who want to make the redbean paste, you can go to the Dorayaki recipe to look for the method to cook the redbean, remember to cut down on sugar to your taste. Use this cooked redbean as your paste and follow the lotus paste jelly mooncake and you will get the same thing as shown here.

Hugbear said...

Hi Pink Panter, I do make them for my hubby's colleagues. If you are really interested you can drop me an email at

Hugbear said...

PT, my dad did add hae bee. I fry some grinded hae bee with the chilli paste.

Anonymous said...

As for the making of red bean paste, I just need to refer to the Dorayaki recipe right? Then follow by the recipe of the lotus paste mooncake, is it?

Anonymous said...

Hi Hug Bear,

The photos of red beans jelly mooncakes look tasty.. Can you share the recipe for tat? Thanks in advance.. =)

Anonymous said...

By following the recipe, can make how many piece of mooncake?

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