Friday, August 08, 2008

Black Forest Cake

Since it's my colleague's birthday on National Day, I have decided to make a cake for her. Since I don't have a lot of time as I baked and decorated the cake tonight to be brought to the office tomorrow, I did a Black Forest Cake for her since I have all the ingredients I need at home. Hope she will like it. Happy Birthday W!




Rei said...

This is simply lovely! Like storebought! You have such wonderful hands.

Amy Goh said...

Hi, Lee!

I like your black forest cake. It must be yum yum.

Anonymous said...

Hi Baking Mom,

I have to say your Black Forrest Cake and Tomorrow's Breakfast - Sugar Roll are looking fabulous! I would like to surprise my mom with a Cake like that. Do you have the recipy for me? You would make my ( and probably also my mom's) day!


Unknown said...

Happy National Day !
Do you mind sharing how you managed to whip up the cream ?

Yes, I am really amateur in baking. Tried whipping the cream in baking class without problem. But I just can't whip the cream successfully at home. I am using Millac Gold. In the midst of whisking, there's bubbles, amount increase slightly, but that's it. After that, its overwhip and curdling starts.

Thanks a lot :)

ganache-ganache said...

I'm sure she'll like it, it's nice to bake a cake & give it to someone on her birthday ! I do that often too but when it comes to my own birthday, I've to bake one for myself to make the girls happy.....

LonTugi said...

wow, looks tasty... how lucky she is... :)

Sascha said...

Hi Baking Mum,

Your Black Forest Cake really looks amazing. I would like to suprise my mum with a cake like that on her birthday next week. Do you have the recipe for me? That would be great!


Anonymous said...

Hie.. Maybe you should post up more dim sum recipes. cos being muslim, its a little difficult to find halal dimsums outside. even if there is, its quite expensive i think? i love soon kuey so much. maybe can do a recipe on it? thanks.

Hugbear said...

Hi Sascha, I have to get the recipe typed out first before I post it here.

Almond, Millac Gold is a diary whipping cream. If you overbeat it, it will curdles and leaves you with butter and water separated. The cream to use for creaming a cake is non-diary whipping cream or Topping cream.

Anonymous said...


Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

i've exactly the same problem with whipping... so now i know, the reason cld be the wrong type of cream... where do you buy ur topping cream from usually?

and yes, if you can share your recipe, it'll be great!

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