Friday, July 04, 2008

Pickled Cabbage & Carrot

Was at The Cathay Restaurant for dim sum lunch with some colleagues on Tuesday. The restaurant served us some pickled cabbage and carrots and there were good. So last night after work, went to the supermarket to grab some cabbage and carrots and went home to experiment with it. Cut the cabbage and carrots to the desired size. Sprinkle some salt (maybe about 3 tbsp) or a bit more over the C&C and mix it well. Place a flat plate or something over the C&C and place something very heavy on it and leave it like that for a few hours. I placed a metal cake board over the C&C and my domestic helper place my Tiger Thermal pot over the cake board. I think I left mine for abt 2 hrs.

In the meantime, pour some vinegar into a pan. Add sugar and cook until sugar dissolve. Taste the mixture. Adjust sugar according to your preference. Leave mixture to cool down. Drain away water from the C&C. Wash the C&C at least twice to get rid of the saltiness. Squeeze excess water from the C&C and place it into the cooled vinegar mixture. Mix well and place into a glass container or glass bowl to marinate overnight in fridge. It taste very nice when eaten cold and it is really very very crunchy. I just love it. Taste almost the same as what we had at the restaurant.





Anonymous said...


why have to put something heavy on top of C&C



Hugbear said...

The weight helps to squeeze out more of the water from the C&C.

Sandy said...

what type of vinegar did u use?

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