Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Birthday S

This is a oreo cheesecake that I made for my very very special friend for her birthday. I hope she will like it.


Made some extras for the boys and hubby.



Anonymous said...

Hi Lee,

Your cheesecake looks so delicious. If you don mind, can i have the recipe? i would like to try it out very much. My email address is Thanks a lot =)


KAY said...

Yum....making me hungry now.

Hugbear said...

Thanks Kay.

Hi MT, the recipe is given already. Scroll down and you will find it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee,

Thanks for the reply. will try it out soon.


Joanna said...

Is the dollop of cream where the piece of oreo sits is whipping cream as well?

Hugbear said...

Yes Joanna, it is fresh whipping cream.

serene7989 said...

Hi Lee, would like to try out yr mango mirror cake but dun know when/where to pour the mango mousse as u only mentioned for later use. TQ

Ah Pei said...

Hi Baking mum,

Pardon my entry level. Whipping cream means buying heavy whipping cream & whip till it become this texture right ? Do i need to add anything to it ?

Thanks in advance !
Ah Pei

Yin said...

Wow ! very very impressive

HeartHeat said...

it really looks delish.
but it looks a little too gelatin-ish?
or is it just that the cake was cut so well?

and could you email me the recipe?



Hugbear said...

Hi Serene7989, I have amended my mango mirror cake to include the assembling part. It should be clearer now.

Hugbear said...

Hi Ah Pei, yes, use the heavy whipping cream and whip till soft peak then add to cream cheese mixture. No need to add anything else.

Hugbear said...

Hi HeartHeat, the recipe can be found under Non-bake Oreo Cheesecake entry.

Amy said...

Hi Lee,

This looks super yummy & neat, I must try soon.

Drifting Cloud said...

Hi Baking Mum,

been following and linked your blog for a while... Really like the foods you posted...

Definitely going to try out the non-baked oreo cheesecake since I still have quite a lot of cream cheese at home... hehehe..

Do drop by my blog if you are free and comment... Thanks

angela said...

Hi LeeLee,

I've tried ur this non bake recipe but I have this problem with de base. They always fall apart when I tried to slice them.

Another thing is, How do u align de biscuit base using springform tin and be able to take out de cake as a whole for presentation instead of slicing from de base of de springform pan. I thot I wanna do this as a bd cake instead of presenting it as sliced cakes to my frens.

Pls advice.

angel (angela) from M4M

Ah Pei said...

Hi Hi !

I tried your recipe & its delicious !! Just that i think mine turn out bit too soft cos i think i didn't whip the cream enough. Nevertheless its delicious ! Though not as pretty as yours.

Hee tried your chicken pie one too. First time doing the pastry skin ! Though mine is not as nice cos i find it difficult to shape something so soft but yes ! its yummy !

Cheers !
Ah Pei

petite fleur said...

Hi Lee Lee

This looks absolutely delicious & I would love to try it. I only wish I can get Oreo's here but it's next to impossible. Sigh.

Joanna said...

Hi Baking Mum, I also have the problem of the cheese section being slightly soft. Does not "stand" as nice as yours. Is it due to the quality of gelatine or the way it was mixed to the hot water? And yes, how to get a smooth sides when removing the springform pan? Mine kinda stick to the pan. Thanks much.

sherlyn said...

Hi Lee,

Very nicely cut cake, just like those displayed in Coffee Bean.

Can I ask, if it is necessary to beat the cheese with sugar? Is it to dissolve the sugar through the beating?


Hugbear said...

Hi Ah Pei and Joanna, actually no harm adding another 1 tsp of gelatine into the recipe. Sometimes it depends on how much water you used. It will also help if you freeze the cheesecake well before cutting it. Try to add a tiny winny bit more of melted butter to the base to make sure it is not so crumbly.

Hugbear said...

Hi Angela, sorry for the late reply. Use your springform pan without the base. Ie to say, just use the ring. Wrap the ring well with gladwrap. Best to have at least 2 to three layers tightly. Place a board below to support it and put the biscuit crust into the ring. After everything is assembled, freeze the cake until really frozen. Remove the gladwrap and place the ring on a cake board. Use a hair dryer to blow at the side of the ring and lift up the ring. You will get a beautiful cake without any problem.

bonnie said...

Could you please tell me how did you go about doing the individual mini cakes? Did u baked them as a big cake and cut them or baked them individually?

Hugbear said...

Hi Bonnie, I made it in a square shape cake ring and then cut them up into smaller individual pieces.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee

how do u cut them with no mess by the side ? i tried cleaning my knife after every cut but it still does not have the same clean loon like yours. can share ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Baking Mum,

Your steam char siu bao looks very nice. Can you share with me your recipe? Please send to
Thanks a lot! :)


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