Monday, November 19, 2007

Cupcake Order

I did a batch of cupcakes for order and here is what I have done.


KWF said...

Lee, I like your piped flowers. Very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Hi hugbear, I chance upon ur blog. Ur cuppies flowers are really beautiful. Did you used fondant? Izit difficult to mould all these flowers?

Hugbear said...

Thanks kwf.

Hi anonymous, fondant is not difficult to do at all. It can be very addictive when you start playing with fondant. The flowers are done using fondant and left to dry and can be used for any kind of decoration on your bakes.

jthorge said...

Lee Lee,
The decorations on the cupcakes are professionally done. Very beautiful!

Anonymous said...

can i order cupcakes from you? if can pls email me @

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