Monday, November 19, 2007


School holidays are here and my sister's two kids are staying with me for a few days. Just after dinner, I started making the bread dough to make some bread for the children for breakfast tomorrow. The three boys are too busy with their PSP, DS-Lite and only my niece, Qiqi was in the kitchen to help me. She is quite good. I rolled out the dough for her and taught her how to wrap the sausage with the dough and she did it pretty well. From the picture you can see some of the not so well rolled bread opened up while baking but then there are also lots more that did not open up. Overall I would say she did a pretty decent job.

As soon as the first tray of bread came out of the oven and cooled down a little, the children started attacking the bread. I had about 14 pieces of the bread on the cooling rack and by the time I emerged from the kitchen, there were only 3 pieces left. Some bread monsters I have at home. Hahaha...

I also used up the leftover coconut fillings from my kueh dadar to make some coconut bun.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Nice looking buns! I just love the coconut filling buns, very fragrant!

KWF said...

Your bread look very soft. You use the breadmaker for the dough? I tried making bread before (no breadmaker yet) but they din turn out too well. And tell Qiqi she did a great job!

Anonymous said...


I've tried your Sweet Bread Dough recipe before but the buns turned out to be a little hard on the crust and the bottom too. I used my breadmachine's "Dough" function to help me knead my dough and I left it inside to proof as well. I forgot to add in Bread Softener, is this the reason why my buns are not fluffy and soft? Or could it be due to my breadmachine? Do advise me on the making of the sweet bread if I were to try using my breadmachine again, do I put everything in at one go or I'd have to add the ingredients slowly?

Thank you!

Best Regards,

Hugbear said...

It is not due to the bread softener for your bread problem. For me I also did not add any bread softner now. If you are using a breadmachine to knead your dough. After the initial kneading is completed, take out the dough and knead a little more using your hands as the breadmachine's kneading is not enough to make the bread soft. Also don't leave the dough to rise in your breadmachine. After your extra kneading, leave it outside to proof covering it with a piece of cling wrap to prevent the top from drying out and thus forming a layer of 'skin'.

Do try again and let me know how it turned out this time round. Good luck.

jthorge said...

Lee Lee, Your bread makes me drools... So yummy looking bread!

Anonymous said...

Waaaaaaaaaaah! What delicious looking buns! My son love this! He calls it "Yeat Dog" ... translation ... Hot dog!

I had the same problem as Jas ... after reading your reply, I think I know why ... I didn't knead it when I took it out, also, I didn't cling wrap it.

I live in Toronto ... temperature is much cooler here ... thought I need warm temperature to proof bread ... any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Don't know if my comment went thru ... my son hit a key before I can fill in my name ..

Hugbear said...

Tricia, what you can do is warm up your oven a little. Turn off heat and leave your bread to proof inside. Another way is to put a bowl of hot water in your oven and proof the bread inside.

Anonymous said...

hugbear dearie

I can see a chef or should I say future baker arraising !!!!!

Your niece did a good job and the breads look so inviting.


akresource said...

Nice brown colour on top of bread. How u acheive that ? i always use egg wash before in to oven but end up uneven browning.Is this bec. of my Oven ??

Hugbear said...

Hi akresource, I just use eggwash. The uneven browning is probably due to your oven. You can rotate your oven for even browning.

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