Saturday, October 20, 2007

A pinic before the boys go back to school

The boys were having a whole week at home without school this week. Come Monday, it will be school as usual so we brought our kids to the club for a swim and a little pinic before they start school again.

Since it is a pinic, food is definitely a must. Interesting the kids were having too much fun swimming and they were not really interested in eating. It seems that they were more interested in the potato chips then the food I prepared.

By the way, I made cream scones, chicken pies and guotie for our pinic. If you look at the designs on top of my chicken pies, you can see very cute little animals design on it. Thanks to my friend KL, these were gifts from her from Japan. I really love it, and my fav is the rabbit cutter.


HK Choo said...

very thoughtful mum you are one :)

Yan said...

LeeLee :
i love the generous portions of fillings in your mini chicken pie.
nothing beats Leelee's homebaked chicken pies manz. =D

Anonymous said...

yan.. i agree with u.. nth beats LeeLee's homemade ckn pies =)

gyozas are the family's fav at the moment.. tho it's store bought skins =P

I saw u and ur family at Funan food junction this afternoon.. wanted to say hi but u all walked so fast.. or maybe i was slow lol

Anonymous said...

haha! i nvr knew u cld use cookie cutter that way.. SOOO innovative.. ; ) ah leng

Hugbear said...

Hi TB, you saw me at Funan. Aiya, should have walker slower then I will have a chance to say hi to you. Yes we were there to get a new computer. So happy, now I have a new computer with a 20" flat screen monitor.

Hugbear said...

Thanks to you lor, ah leng.

ying ✿ said...


Your scones look so delicious! Can i have the recipe? I have tried baking some but they always turn out quite poorly..



Anonymous said...

Can aunty kindly share your fluffy scones? My mum loves scone as much as my gradnma does! haha :) Hope I can bake for them one day!


Hugbear said...

I will post the recipe up shortly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hugbear

Very impresses with your new blog.
could you share with me your creamy scones recipes. My email address:

Thank you in advance!

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