Friday, October 19, 2007


I had to fulfill a cupcake order and after much deliberation, I have decided to stick to fresh whipped cream for the frosting. Initially I did a trial buttercream recipe but it was just too sweet. Then I tried to do a few with royal icing but also didn't really like the outcome. In the end, back to my usual fresh cream frosting. Boring old me, hehehe. Anyway, I think I am not cut out to do cupcakes, my designs sucks.


Hazy said...

That's nice. At least u are able to do icing. I have yet to really test out. Till now my cupcakes has no design. Just bought a piping kit today. Gotta try soon.

Unknown said...

What? U called this sucks? They're the most beautiful and lovely cupcakes I've ever seen :)

HK Choo said...

nice creations, lee lee..but i got a small tiny weeny request, i find that the speed of the slideshow a tad too fast, thus not able to admire your cupcakes. is there anyway to go round it? thanks ya..

Yan said...

LeeLee :
i was like going "wow" "wah" over the colorful, intricate deco of fresh cream on the cupcakes. Lovely sight. thumbs up !

Cranberry said...

WOW, Swee leh, Lee! i like those colorful piping, so nice.

Anonymous said...

Lee, handling fresh cream frosting on cupcakes is not easy. You did great!And I prefer fresh cream than buttercream or royal icing,too!


Hugbear said...

Thanks everyone for your kind words.

Choo, I have changed the setting liao, is it better now. Thanks for giving me feedback for improvement.

Hazy, to play with your new toys and share your creation with us ok.

GG said...

Hmm... i wonder how to make fresh whipped cream? I'm a newbie in baking anyway. And i want to tell you that you've been very detail in every cupcakes design and they all looks great! I'm sure ur customer will love it. :D Gambateh!

Little Corner of Mine said...

LeeLee, very swee already lor your cupcakes! A lot of work just to design so many different designs cupcakes, well done!

Anonymous said...

Hi.. your fresh cream icing is really nice!

How did you manage to evenly baked the cupcake? I mean they raised to the right height. How did u make the fresh cream frosting too?? am thinking of trying it but no idea where to start. I used butter or cream cheese more for my icing tho.

Mind if you could share with me... thanks!

HK Choo said...

ya, thanks for accommodating, lee lee. it sure helps greatly...get to feast and admire more of your hardwork mah..but hor, after i posted the comment, realised that you have posted the pix in m4m :)

Anonymous said...


Your cupcakes actually looked great! :) I just started baking and is rather hopeless with all the frostings and stuff. Could you kindly share how to make fresh cream? I tried dairy whipped cream but did not like the aftertaste. Would appreciate it very much. My email is


Hugbear said...

Hi Jean, to get even height cupcakes, you will need to know what kind of cupcake or muffin recipe you are using. For the one I was using, it rises a lot so I only need to fill it up to 1/2 cup and bake.

As for fresh cream frosting, you can get a package of non-diary whipping cream to start with. You will just need to whip up the cream to stiff stage where you can make designs with. After whipping up the cream, if you need to get different colours, just scope some whipped cream to a bowl and add colour of your choice. Fill up a pipinig up with the desired nozzle and put the cream in to pipe out patterns of your choice.

Hugbear said...

Rei, diary whipping cream is not suitable to be used for frosting. You should use non-diary whipping cream or topping cream. Pls see my advice given to Jean on how to make frosting cream.

Anonymous said...


your cupcakes are really really really beautiful! did u take a long time to do all those cupcakes? u did it in one day? sorry all d ?? asked, just feel that u r really amazing!

u bought those icing colour fr phoon huat is it?


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the advice. Will give it a try. :)


Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? Your cupcakes are absolutely gorgeous!!! Love the sweet pastel colours.

KWF said...

If your designs suck, then I think I better find a hole and hide.

Hugbear said...

Thanks Bernice and kwf.

Esther, I did the cupcakes a day ahead. And the frosting was done in the evening after I came back from work. Managed to finish what I needed around 10+. Very tiring to do individual cupcakes as compared to a big normal cake.

Anonymous said...


I think i sound a little dumb.. but do we need to stick the cupcakes in the fridge after its done with the frosting?

i have tried but somehow my cupcakes will become 'hard' and dry whereas the whipped frost stays..

Hugbear said...

Hi Claudia, if you are using fresh cream for frosting, yes you have to put in the fridge. If you are using sugarpaste, then no need. Thaw the cupcake a little before eating so that the cake won't be so hard.

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