Saturday, October 27, 2007

Apple Pie

One of my CG member asked me something about her apple crumble recipe and it makes me want to bake an apple pie too. Some apple pie recipe does not require you to cook the apple but for me, I prefer my apple filling cooked. I used cinnamon powder and grated some whole nutmeg into the filling. Soaked the raisin with Cointreau and dumped the whole thing into the filling too. Hmmmm ... yummy.

As for the crust, I used a rich tart crust recipe found in one of the pies cookbook given to me by my friend KL. I modified the recipe to suit my convenience though. The crust turned out to be very crusty and nice.


Anonymous said...

Can you please leave the recipe for the apple pie on your blog? And can you also tell me how to make the sugarpaste! Thank you!

Yan said...

amazing piece of art, i mean, the criss cross n all.. very detail intricacy.
and just the sight of the oozing apple pie fillings is making me drool n yearn for a bite.

HK Choo said...

nice apple pie, lee lee. bet it's better than mcD's many times over. you mentioned grating some whole nutmeg into the filling, how do you do that, as in you mean whole dry nutmeg or ?

Hugbear said...

Choo, it's a whole nutmeg, like a rubber seed. Someone bought it from Paris for me. It comes in a glass bottle with a mini grater in it too.

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