Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mooncake Festival

Just sharing with you on the mooncakes that I have made for the festival. Some made before the festival and some made after the festival, hehe.


Yan said...

your moonies are gorgeous lookg !!
kudos !!!
wish i was one of the lucky recipients of your lovely moonies. can place me in your list next yr? =p

Anonymous said...

Hi LeeLee,
Very lovely mooncakes. Can u post a picture of the moulds ? I fell in love with them. Where did u buy them from ?


Hugbear said...

Thanks Yan.

Brenna, I borrowed the moulds from my friend. She bought it from Ailin, a bakery shop in Geylang area. I have not been there myself though.

Chawanmushi said...

Hi LeeLee
Love all the moonies you make and I'm definitely facinated by your moulds :-)

Anonymous said...

Can you post the receipe for the chocolate snowskin mooncake? And the mango cheesecake too! THANKS

Little Corner of Mine said...

Aiyo, so cute! I like the molds!

My play room said...

hi leelee
u have not do your posting r u busy ?

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