Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dinner out on Sunday

Hubby brought us to try this zichar place at Kakit Bukit tonight since I had wanted to eat out. This place is just opposite the Kakit Bukit Hostel and it is called 'Lam's Seafood' at 18 Kakit Bukit Road 3.

This mee sua with seafood is good. It cost $8 for a small bowl but there are lots of ingredients inside like abalone, prawns, sea cucumber, mushroom, oysters. It is something like the Taiwanese oyster mee sua but the colour is a little orangey instead of the brown colour that we see very often.
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This tofu is very soft inside but I find it a little bland in taste. Overall, family feels that it is not bad.
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The green veg is just fried with garlic. Very light and nice.
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This Thai style fried chicken is really very yummy. The chicken is crispy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside. The sauce has a nice lemon grass fragrant and you can see pieces of deepfried lemongrass on the chicken.
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Hor fun is not bad too, got the 'wok hey'. The seafood used in the hor fun is fresh and the prawns are big.
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We ordered a plate of the fried rice too. Very well fried with a nice fragrant when served.
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Overall, I wouldn't mind going back there to eat again as the food is quite delicious. One thing was that we had to wait for almost 20 to 30 minutes for our food. Maybe because it is a Sunday night. Our total bill came up to $44 and with the receipt we can go back to the restaurant in two weeks' time and as long as we order anything more than this amount, we will get 50% off from our previous bill. Not a bad deal huh!


Anonymous said...

Hi Hugbear

How are u?

What a nice dinner u hv with ur family. Will ask my hubby to bring me there to try ;p

There's this Yishun seafood centre(call it zichar stall also can)opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre (which is now under rebuilding)also serve very nice food. If u go next time, must try the Mongolian spare ribs, really yummy.


Anonymous said...

Hi LeeLee,
when i bake the peach tart w/almond cream. temperature set according to yr method but the cream dun seem to set and the case is a bit wet. Any reason for this?


Hugbear said...

Hi Esther, thanks for your recommendation. When is the zichar stall going to be ready. Won't mind going there to try out your recommended Mongolian spare ribs. Heehee.

Hugbear said...

Hi Serene, try baking it longer until the almond cream is more set. When it is still hot the almond is quite soft anyway. When it cools down and refrigerated, the cream will be ok.

Anonymous said...

Hi LeeLee,
thank for yr advice. Will keep that in mind.


Anonymous said...

Hey LeeLee

The Yishun zichar stall is open for biz but not the Sembawang Shopping Centre. The stall is directly opposite the SSC. In fact, it is a food centre. Parking there is a chore, bcos of limited parking space. At the food centre, there is this Mixed Vege Rice & Porridge stall, vy big one. The food is vy nice too.

esther ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi LeeLee,

chanced upon your blog when i was looking for bread dough recipes...
I would like to try out the sweet bread dough you have posted sometime back. I am thinking of halving the qty but have some problem with the egg. do i beat the egg and half the amt too? or still use the whole egg? btw, i'll be using my breadmachine to make the dough.
thks v much

Little Corner of Mine said...

Your mee sua soup looks like shark fin soup leh. At first I thought it was shark fin soup! 50% off the next bill, what a great deal!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leelee,

I was searching for prawn recipe fm m4m,and i saw yr post on the Prawn Roll. Wow it look indeed would like to ask from you the Recipe.

In yr blog, i cant locate any recipe or step by step cooking. Can you email me as i keen to try it out for my family. thanks

My email :


Hugbear said...

Hi Irene, did you mean the prawn rolled in Vietnamese rice paper? I do not have a specified recipe but the basic marination is salt, sugar, sesame oil, pepper. After marination just wrap it with the Vietnamese rice paper and deepfry.

Chawanmushi said...

Hi LeeLee
I got something for you here ...
You check this out ....
Have a good weekend ahead :-)

Anonymous said...


yesterday i made the steamed nine layers kuih,using your recipe. The kuih turned out very good.Thank you for the great recipe.Just to check with you the kuih can i leave it till the next day?

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