Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mother's Day Cake Part II

This is a spongecake with one layer filled with strawberries and another layer filled with kiwi and then topped off with even more fresh fruits. My mom prefers fresh fruit cake to the many other cakes that I have done.

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Shirley Khor said...

The cake looks fantastic! I wish I could bake and cook as good as u.

Anonymous said...

WAH! SOOOO PRETTY! how long u take to bake the cake + the deco? u know what? i think u shd seriously "go seek greener pastures" where u get to enjoy what u do.. keke... not many pple get a chance to do that u know.. ah leng

wenwenzz said...

great work!

Anonymous said...


I met you at Carefour today.
So happy to meet you, I read your blog almost everyday although I don't leave words. This is really a great mother's day gift -- to meet up with an expert in the kitchen.
Thanks for the advise on the books and cooking sago. I bought the Y2k books... enjoying myself browsing them. Have a blessed mother's day!


Hugbear said...

Hi Elaine, it was nice meeting you. In the end I bought 3 books too. kekeke. Hope you will enjoy making the jellies in the book.

Hugbear said...

Ah Leng, I am too lazy and I am afraid to leave my comfort zone lah. Let's see let's see. Hehehe

I baked the sponge the day before and I started on the deco of the cake late in the afternoon. Went back to office on Sat lah. I think it took me about 1 over hours to assemble the whole cake, including peeling, slicing and cutting all those fruits.

Thanks Wenwenzz.

Anonymous said...

wow this cake is lovely n yummy
is this the cake something like the the confectionery, I wonder how to bake this cake normally I bake the American butter which is too sweet, could u knidly post the recipe here. thanx

Hugbear said...

This is a very simple to make cake. Use the spongecake recipe that I have posted. Use whipped topping cream to sandwich the two layers of cake and cover the whole cake with more whipped cream. Continue to decorate the cake with fresh fruits and then brush glazing gel over the fruits to make it look glossy.

charon wong said...

Hug Bear,
My sister sent me some ovalette (sponge cake emulsifier) can you give me the recipe to this cake? I lived in England I missed the light sponge fruit cakes we get in Singapore, take care. I am think of using grapes, strawberries and satsumas in this recipe. Thank you very much.

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