Monday, March 12, 2007

Sesame Crown

I also baked two sesame crowns. One for my family and one for my colleague. This bread is hard on the top and soft inside. Have not tried it yet so no comments on the taste of the bread. But I can share the pictures with you here.

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Anonymous said...

dear bakingmum,

how do you demould your jelly so beautifully? i bought some jelly powder that comes with a plastic tray mould that has 8 different patterns in it. the patterns look very similar to your "Jellies for my cousin" small mix lavender colored jellies.

i tried dipping the tray in hot water before overturning - they refuse to slide out. i am afriad to apply pressure on the tray in fear of damanging it.


Hugbear said...

Next time wash your mould first and shake it dry before pouring jelly into it. It will help in easier removal of the jelly. Use a cake tester or a toothpick and glide it around the side of the mould. By introducing air into the jelly, it will help it to drop out of the mould. Hope this help.

Anonymous said...

dear hugbear, thanks so much for your tip! i'm off to try demoulding my 4th batch of jelly! this is addictive! ^_^

where do you get your moulds from? mine came as a freebie with 2 packets of jelly bought :)

only after i tried making jelly did i fully understand how time consuming it is! your multi-layered jellies must have been done one layer at a time (and those moulds are SMALL)!

i'm hoping to try your flower jelly recipe. what is the diff between concentrated coconut milk
vs diluted coconut milk?i was at NTUC today and only saw coconut milk or coconut cream for sale.

many thanks!

Anonymous said...

dear hugbear,

how dry should the mould be before we pour the jelly in? should it be slightly wet or completely dry?

i tried out 2 brands of konnyaku jelly and find the ready made ones chewier and firmer. may i know which brand you suggest?

to share my limited experiences:
i tried Rino (harder, firmer but comes flavoured with added sugar ) and hollyfarms (also comes with pre-added sugar but the texture is less firm).

i read that the best konnyaku jelly comes with a separate packet of citric acid - to be added when the pot is taken off the fire. yet to find that.

lastly ( this is getting to be an essay! ), my jelly seems to melt. after leaving on a plate overnight in the fridge, there is a small pool of sweet water on the plate. they look ok - just sitting in a puddle of "water". am i doing something wrong? i waited 24 hours before demoulding.

thank you

Hugbear said...

Hi Pink, the mould need not be very dry. Just shake off excess water and leave the mould a little damp. I use the konnayku jelly powder bought from PH. One of my friends bought the premix one from Tampines and it is good. Not too sweet and quite firm. But I cannot remember what is the brand.

BTW, it is quite normal for the jelly to 'sweat' when you leave it outside for a period of time. Mine does that too.

For me, when I buy the coconut milk from NTUC, I will use it direct from the packet to measure out the thick coconut portion. Then use the remaining one to add into water to make it diluted.

mabez said...

Baking Mum, one question. How does your bread turn out to be so smooth looking? I tried your sweet bread recipe. Taste great but I'll have to blindfold myself to eat it. I knead the dough till smooth, but when I tried to roll it into balls, the surface just isn't even. I'll get the shape but there'll be lots of overlapping!

Anonymous said...

thank you :)

Hugbear said...

Mabel, when you roll your bread into a round ball, it should be smooth at this point already. The way to do it is like holding your mouse at the computer. You just need to push it around to get it smooth and round. Difficult to understand just by words but you can just try doing that and see if it helps.

mabez said...

Oh, okay. I will try. Thank you! You are such a guru.

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