Friday, March 16, 2007

Century Egg Porridge

I am on leave at home today due to my upset stomach. Didn't want to eat anything too solid so I cooked a big pot of porridge for myself and the family. My son's favourite century egg porridge.

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I am just sharing with you how I did my porridge. First I soak about 1 cup of normal rice and 1/2 cup of glutinous rice with some oil for about an hour. Then I boil some stock using yellow beans, dried scallops, ikan billis. Wash rice until water is clear. I used my thermal pot to boil the porridge with water first. I let it boil then transfer the pot into the outer pot. I leave to cook on its own for about at least one hour until the water is all absorbed into the grains. Then I put it back onto the stove and add the stock that I have cooked into the dried up porridge. Stir and cook while adding more stock as you go. The grains would be very easy to break up at this point. Add more stock or water depending on how thick you want the porridge to be. I added some lean meat marinated with some soya sauce and sesame oil into the porridge to cook. I also added some chopped salted eggwhite into the porridge. It is up to you whether you want to add century egg into the porridge to cook or to add it as a condiment.

I also fried some popiah skin until brown. Break it up and sprinkle onto the porridge before serving. It is very nice. You can also add some toasted or fried silverfish on top of the porridge before serving.

Another easy way to cook this is using rice cooker. Cook porridge in the rice cooker with enough water. When porridge is cooked the water should be absorbed into the grains already. Add more stock that you have prepared and keep stirring the porridge while cooking it in the rice cooker. The grains will be broken up and you will get gluey and smooth porridge too.


Unknown said...

Hope you get well soon aunty Lee Lee after eating the delicious porridge(century egg porridge is my fav aswell). May i asked how u boil the porridge because your is fine and thick. Is there a any tips. I know it may sounds silly because cooking porridge is an easy task but my end result does not look as nice as yours. Which rice grain and brand did u used because my mom did mention some seleted brands are only good for porridge. Btw what are those brown crunchy stuff on the porridge. thanks

miss whynot said...

hi, can post your recipe?

Hugbear said...

Thanks Sue. I will agak agak write down the steps on how I cook my porridge and hope you can try out and let me know results.

Anonymous said...

Hope you'll feel better soon ... drink lots of water!!

Anonymous said...

It look really yummy. When you say you soak the rice along with some oil, does that also include water? Thanks.

zhengning said...

Hey bakingmum, Get well soon!!

Hugbear said...

Thanks zhengning.

Jess, yes soak with water and a little oil.

Unknown said...

Thanks aunty lee lee ...i'll be cooking this soon. What a wonderful idea of frying the popiah skin as a crunchy condiment to be eaten with the porridge rather then the usual Yau char kwai(which have to be bought).
So soak the rice with little water n oil for i hour then only wash the rice until the water is clear n oil free issit. thanks

Hugbear said...

Sue, make sure the water is above the rice. Only the oil is a little bit not the water ok. No need to be oil free but just that water is clear. Like how you would normally wash your rice before cooking it.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing your tips on porridge making. like sue,my porridge always ends up looking and tasting different from the resturants!

i think the secret is in
1) soaking in oil (wonder what this does)
2) mixing 2 kinds of rice
3) having the right porportion of water to rice.

kind of silly but i always add more water and then boil it away. for some reason, i didn;t think of adding MORE water when needed. definitely need to work on my lateral thinking skills!


Hugbear said...

Hi Pink,

Actually it was a friend that shared with me how a restaurant chef in China cook his porridge. He added msg and oil in his porridge and soak it overnight. But for me, I omitted the msg part and the soaking overnight part. I find that you don't really have to soak it overnight. A few hours is enough.

Don't worry about the right proportion of water to rice. Just cook the porridge with enough water as you would normally do to get porridge. The stock that you cook will help to further break down the grains when you add them into the already cooked and dried up porridge while stirring it.

Also, adding glutinous rice into your porridge will help you achieve the gluey effect. If only using normal rice grains, it will never give you the gluey texture. HTH.

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