Saturday, January 13, 2007

Scallops Pheonix Eye Dumpling

Hahaha this is a big name for a simple timsum dish. It is actually har kow skin wrapped with prawns and topped with asparagus and scallops. Actually the recipe asked for prawn roe but since I did not have it, I substituted it with salted eggyolk. This will be the second recipe that I am trying from the Delicious Dim Sum book that I bought.

This is before steaming.
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Another closeup view of a before steaming dumpling
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After 5 mins of steaming, the dumplings are ready to be eaten.
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Chawanmushi said...

Wow LeeLee're coming back with a real big bang after being absent for some time. Your dishes look yummy! Hope that you've enjoyed your hols :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi LeeLee
Would you mind telling me how you roll the dumpling skin sooo thin (like paper). Thank you.


Hugbear said...

I just roll it with a rolling pin while the other hand is turning the dough in a circular motion. I roll it hard until I get the thickness of the dough I want. HTH.

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