Monday, November 20, 2006

Cranberry Sauce/Jam

One of my cyberfriend, Vi from the US shared with us this wonderful cranberry sauce recipe. Since I was given a bag of fresh cranberry from my colleague, I decided to try out Vi's recipe. Vi's recipe asked for green apple but I forgot to buy that. So, the next best I can do is to use the red Fuji apple I have at home. I also thicken the sauce a little bit more to make it into jam like texture. Vi said that she likes her with chunk of visible fruits in it. For me, I prefer it to be in a smoother texture so I sent the whole pot of jam into my blender. This is how my cranberry sauce look like.

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What to eat with this wonderful cranberry jam? Scones of course. So here you are a freshly baked batch of creamy scones for you.

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My children are going to have these for breakfast tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

wow..your blog looks great man! was blog sufring and came across yr blog.

your baking and cooking makes me feel that yr family is blessed to hv u around!

Mind sharing the recipe? drop me a mail..thanks!

Hugbear said...

Let me get my friend's permission to post the cranberry and scones recipe on my blog.

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