Friday, December 11, 2009

First Christmas Logcake for this year!

Going to bring this logcake to a BBQ party tomorrow night. It is a chocolate spongecake with cholocate ganache inside and outside.

Oh I wanted to share what hubby bought for me for Christmas. We will be going away during the Christmas period so he gave it to me earlier. So sweet of him.


Claire said...

Nice gift and yummy log.

Pet猫猫 said...

the cake so nice and ur hubby really admire u....:)

Blessed Homemaker said...

Love your logcake! And what a nice gift :)

Pudgy Mummy said...

Beautiful logcake!

Are the 'logs' created by cutting from a normal sponge cake or is it swiss roll? How do you create the uneven look on the logcake?


Hugbear said...

Pudgy Mummy, I used a chocolate swiss roll. I frost it with chocolate ganache and use a flat bladed knife to create the pattern on the log.

Pudgy Mummy said... sounds difficult. Thanks for the reply. :)

Cookie said...

Enjoy your xmas, and treasure your nice gift!

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