Sunday, November 15, 2009

A cake for Roselle

Roselle, my domestic helper's friend asked me to help her bake a birthday cake which she will use to celebrate her friend's birthday today. My helper asked me to bake a yam cream cake with flowers for Roselle. Instead of just flowers, I have added another picture on the cake. She was happy when she saw the cake this morning.


CH Voon said...

look great!

You are speciallist in baking cake!


Cel said...

u're such a nice person! :)

Anonymous said...

hi baking mum, i would like to ask whether you will conduct any baking lessons? if yes, please leave the details at

Fanny said...

I like the flowers, is it using the buttercream? How to do? Please advise. Thank you.

Hugbear said...

Thanks everyone.

Fanny, I did not use buttercream but used non-diary whipping cream.

Hi Chewling15, I do conduct MM fondant cupcakes classes and other types of bakes by request. I will send you an email.

elizabeth said...

Love your cakes. You are a great baker. May i know how did you get a smooth cake surface? Mine is always covered with the cake crumbs and look quite messy!!!

Anonymous said...

hi hugbear, thanks so much... i will wait for your email.

Cel said...

do u terach how to pipe rose?

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