Monday, October 26, 2009

Wedding Anniversary Cake

I just did a wedding anniversary cake as a gift for one of my directors' 25 years of marriage. Actually I did the numbers 2 and 5 and painted it with silver glistering powder but when I was putting the numbers on the cake, it broke. So no choice but had to put my little doggie in to fill up the space. It look a little strange but ... haiz ... what to do, no time to make another set of numbers already.


Anonymous said...


wow...very nice.

I don feel it is strange....its their pet dog.

Rgds, Mei

Anonymous said...

Hi baking mum,
Love your cake. It's so nice and adorable!
May I know what kind of cake did you use/ Did you use any icing bef laying the fondant?
Tks and a great day..

Cassandra Welsh

Hugbear said...

Thanks so much Mei.

Hi Cassandra, I used a buttercake but added chopped dried fruits like apricot, prunes, cranberries, raisins. I used a apricot jam to brush all over the whole cake before I put the MM fondant on to cover the cake.

wenn said...

nice cake..

Cookie said...

it is very thoughtful of you to make the pretty cake for the couple!

J Sky said...

How Pretty & Sweet anniversary cake!! Creative too.

cuencuen said...

hi hugbear, can you please conduct a lesson for me? Need to learn it quite urgently. Wanna do it for my daughter's first birthday. =)

Can you please contact me, my email

Shirley Bay said...

Hi baking mum,

can i use brownie for this cake?
if you conduct any class on this can email me too.
my email add :


Hugbear said...

Hi Shirley, you can use brown for this. Use cakes that are quite heavy and dense type like butter cake, sugee cake, fruit cake, etc. Not sponge cake as it cannot take the weight of the fondant.

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