Sunday, September 13, 2009


I tried to experiment with tempering chocolate today. Really not easy. I must go find a school to attend classes on chocolate moulding. Haiz... look at my not so pretty chocolate. It has chocolate truffle in the centre.

Just updating with a picture of how the inside look. Jonathan has taken three at a go. Hubby and I both tried one piece each. Actually after freezing it in the freezer for a while, it actually tasted quite good. Hehe ... and I thought I flopped at my chocolate making.






nothingness said...

th chocs look so gd!! u r too modest :)

wenn said...

chocolate..all-time favourite..

Felicia said...

Hi Baking Mum,

I wanted to do some cake balls and have searched the net to find that in order to coat the cake balls we require to have 'candy melts' is it possible if we just use normal chocolate? What type of chocolate did you use to coat you chocolate truffle balls? Thanks for sharing(:

Hugbear said...

I used 55% dark couverture chocolate. Candy melts are chocolate that are non-tempered and will not melt so easily at room temperature.

J Sky said...

Still looked good to me even though you claimed a "failure"? :-))

Hugbear said...

J Sky, it tasted pretty good after freezing. Makes me want to try again. Hahaha

Krystal said...

Who cares if they don't look perfect? Life isn't about perfection, anyway. I think they look great and delicious - I'd be happy to take them off your hands! :)

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