Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sushi Rice



Vinegar for the sushi

3 tbsp* vinegar
2 tbsp* sugar
2 tsp salt

Boil all 3 ingredients over small fire for sugar to be dissolved. Leave to cool.
* The tbsp here refers to the Chinese soup spoon.

Rice for the sushi

3 small cups of California or Calrose rice (450g)
3 or 3.5 cups of water

Wash rice. Use 3 or 3.5 cups of water (the same cup you use to measure the rice) to soak the rice for 30 minutes. (I soak the rice in my rice cooker so that after 30 minutes I can straight away cook it in the rice cooker.)

After rice is cooked, leave it in the rice cooker for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, pour rice into a big mixing bowl and pour the cooled vinegar into the rice. While fanning the rice with one hand, mix the rice with vinegar well. Leave to cool down and you can use it to make sushi.

(Tip: I stand in front of my fan with the fan facing the rice while mixing the vinegar into the hot rice.)


May said...

hey! I love that idea! Used to stand in front of the fan to cool it as i was too lazy to wait! Hahaha.. Love your blog! Keep it going! Thanks!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks for sharing your recipe LeeLee. Is the idea of fanning and cooling the rice while mixing so that it is easier to handle by hands later?

Hugbear said...

Ching, the reason for fanning is to get rid of the strong vinegar smell. As you mix and fan, this helps to disperse off the strong vinegar smell.

SIG said...

Such a pity I can't see a photo of your sushi rice.

Hugbear said...

SIG, I will fixing the problem about the photos later tonight. Sorry about that.

EkWei said...

Haloo =)

Can I ask if I can't find Calrose rice or California rice, are there any other type of rice that I can replace it with? Sorry, I'm new in this but I really love baking and cooking, but I can't seem to make things go quite right yet. Haha. Awesome blog! =D

Anonymous said...

Hi Hi
May I know where can i get the seaweeds? I assume the seaweed used to roll the rice is not the same as those you can get from the supermarkets under the tidbits section?

Hugbear said...

You can get your seaweed from any supermarket. I got mine from NTUC. Not the tidbits type as they are heavily salted.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for this. Will search NTUC. :)

amanda ♥ said...

hello :) i love all the food you made,they look so yummy ! :) sorry,but do you know of any recipes for the following ingredients : calrose rice,crabsticks,cherry tomatoes ? it's for a cca competition :) though we could just do plain sushi,but i thought that we needed more creativity and maybe you could very kindly offer me some help ? thankyou so much !!! waiting for your reply :D ♥

Hugbear said...

Amanda, are you allowed to use seaweed or just the three ingredients you mentioned here?

amanda ♥ said...

so sorry for th late reply . actually replied a few days ago but it's not here leh ! ya seaweed is also allowed with th three other ingredients mentioned :)

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