Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mee Siam and Puen Kueh for Jaren's school

I cooked these for my son's school last Friday. I brought the spritz cookies there too. I also cooked the gravy for the mee siam but no pictures here. Actually the first thing to be gone was the mee siam.

This fried mee siam can be eaten on its own or with gravy.


I brought two trays of these puen kueh there.



Anonymous said...

hi...can u post up ur mee siam recipe? look very nice, thinking to try on it.

Melissa said...


I would be attending a food and funfair during this weekend. Hmm... what should I make? I thought of going towards the dessert path! Do you have any good dessert recipe that you can share and is easy to prepare. As I have to make around 200 servings. Please enlighten me!


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