Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Feeding my Three Little Bears

What is for lunch tomorrow? Something simple, something easy to heat up in the microwave. How about fried rice wrapped with a piece of egg omelette. Yes, that will be their lunch tomorrow.

Tonight will be the last night that I need to prepare lunch for them. On Friday hubby will be on leave so he can cook for the boys. We are leaving for Perth for our 10-day vacation and after our return, I will be on leave until after Christmas. After that hubby will be on leave until January and my domestic helper will be back on January 6. Yippee, can't wait for her to come back.

The fried rice.

The egg omelette

Big one in the box for Papa Bear, medium one in the blue plate for Koko Bear and small one in the red plate for Didi Bear.


Slipped in two packets of tomato ketchup for Papa Bear to bring to work tomorrow.



Big-Girlicious said...

whoah!lovey dovey!
do u always prepare lunch for ur hubby to bring to work??
I can feel the love goin on in ur house...*envy*

Hugbear said...

No, I don't always cook lunch for hubby. I was doing this because my domestic helper has gone home for her homeleave and I had to cook lunch for my children so I also cook my hubby's share for his lunch the next day.

Big-Girlicious said...

OOooo..icic!! So wat did u cook for the next day? =D

Hugbear said...

The fried rice with egg wrap was cooked last night for today's lunch.

Amy Goh said...

I love d egg omelet! Have a fun filled holiday do bring back more baking/cooking ideas to share with us. :)

o0_Soul_0o said...

nice blog , i'm to find it & hope to learn more from you (",)

Anonymous said...

Dear Hugbear & Family

Enjoy yourself in Perth.

Have a safe trip!

earthlady said...

Dear Baking Mum,

Im a new reader.
Enjoy your trip in Perth.


Anonymous said...

dear bakingmum n family, wishing u a safe n wonderful holiday! could u pls email me the address of the bakeware in perth? thx

evesauraus said...

Dear Baking Mum

how i wish i could bake so frequently as u! I've simply got so much i want to make! However, my kitchen lack the necessary equipment called for baking..have yet purchased an oven nor got myself a bread machine to make bread. Sad. Is it possible to go over your place to learn baking or of the sort from u, if u do not mind? If it isn't convenient, it's alright. u may contact me at I hope to hear from u soon. Thanks aplenty.

Carrie said...

Hi Baking Mum,

I've link your blog to mine, hope you dn't mind.

My web is at


viv said...

hi baking mum, i just came to know of your blog from some other blog! WOW i am getting hungry just looking at your post!! I love to cook & try with food.... will definately try some of your recipes!! God bless

Anonymous said...

Hihi.. first time here and wow.. so many yummy foods here.. =)
great sharing! =)

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