Saturday, November 01, 2008

Tuna Tartlets

This was on my to-do list because both boys have been pestering me for it but I just didn't feel like making. Finally did it for them because there was a tub of yoghurt sitting in the fridge and I was trying to finish it fast.

The crust is actually the chicken pie dough. What I did was to make it into mini size tartlets and blind bake them first. Next I mixed the canned Tuna Mayo with chopped onion, herbs, some black pepper. After the tartlets are brown and crisp, take it out and top it off with the prepared tuna. Viola ... super delicious tuna tartlets. This idea was given to me by my husband and ever since I made it years ago, it became one of my kids' favourite snacks.





Anonymous said...

This is interesting. My kids would love them too.
Could you please share the chicken pie dough?

Thanks in advance.

Hugbear said...

The recipe is my blog already.

Family First said...

Indeed a great finger food!

Wen said...

This is a good idea for mini gathering & party. I will try it somedays.

quizzine said...

hi hugbear,
I've tagged you in my blog.

Hugbear said...

Thanks quizzine.

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