Friday, July 04, 2008

Sushi for the boys

My older boy went with his class for an outing last week. He asked if I could make some sushi for him to bring along so that he can share with his friends. Was at dinner the night I was supposed to make the sushi but fortunately, my domestic helper was able to cook the sushi rice and mixed it with the vinegar mixture for me. She also cut up all the ingredients I needed for the sushi. So after dinner, when I reached home I only need to wrap the sushi. Sharing with you what I did for him and he told me he shared with 3 of his friends and they all liked it.




Amy Goh said...

Nice, to have ma ma's home made yum yum food! Your sons and their frenz are blessed blessed lah!

Anonymous said...

Looks just like shop baought only better as it is made with love.
I have long been a follower of your blog and tried several of your recipes successfully.May I know what brand of stand mixer you are currently using as I am in the process of upgrading my plastic supermarket variety.
Thanks and happy baking,

Hugbear said...

I am currently using Kitchenaid mixer, Artisan series.

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