Monday, February 04, 2008

Huat ah!

My mom asked me to make a huat kueh for her. Had to do it tonight since I will be having reunion dinner at mom's place tomorrow night. Hope she likes it. I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Huat Huat Huat year ahead.


For those who would like to try steaming this huat kueh, here is there recipe taken off DJ Fenying's blog.

250g self-raising flour
200g brown sugar
220g coconut milk*

Mix SRF and brown sugar together in a mixing bowl.
Add in coconut milk and mix till flour and coconut milk is well combined but do not overmix or else you huat kueh might not split nicely.
Pour into a lined container and steam over high heat. If you are making a big one like mine, you need at least 40 mins of steaming. If it is in a small muffin cups, then 15 mins should be enough.

* Note: I find the amount of coconut milk is not enough. Mixture is rather dry so what I did was added a little bit of thin coconut milk (or water) to the mixture until it becomes a thick gluey mixture.


jadepearl said...

Nice huat kueh!
Huat Huat Huat year ahead to you and your family too! :)

Anonymous said...


Wishing you a Huat New Year too. Your Huat kueh looks so "Happy". I just made some this weekend but my did not "smile" like yours, :(
I used rice flour instead. Do you have a recipe made with rice flour to share? I've never made one with self-rising flour and wonder if they taste the same?


Little Corner of Mine said...

Wish you have a huat huat rat year ya. Your huat kuih looks like a rose, very well blossom.

Hugbear said...

Hi PP, I don't have any recipe with rice flour. I like this recipe a lot bcos it is very 'piang'. I have not tried huat kueh using rice flour so won't be able to tell the difference.

Hugbear said...

Jadepearl and Ching, Happy Lunar New Year.

Anonymous said...

wow, ur huat cake looks very nice!! opened up very nicely.. shall go try it too..

just wondering if i can substitute the coconut milk with anything else?

Also was wondering if the product would be enhanced or destroyed if i added in pandan essence?

Anonymous said...

Wow! What nice "smiles" on your Huat Kueh!

Wishing you & your family a very
Happy, Healthy & Prosperous 2008!!!

Qong Xi Fa Chai!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hugbear,

How can I contact you with regards to ordering cupcakes for my baby's 1st mth party?

Rgds, Amy

Jo said...

Hi Lee Lee,
Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family.

Florence said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai
Happy New Year

Baking Fiend said...

Huat ah!

Have a happy CNY!

Hugbear said...

Hi Sandra, you can try substituting it with milk or water but it may not be so fragrant as using coconut milk but definitely more healthy. If you wants to add pandan essence do not add too much as it will smell very artificial.

Amy, you can email me at

Jo, Florence and Baking Fiend, Happy Happy Chinese New Year.

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Very nice Huat leh! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi hugbear
Happy New Year.
Tried your flower shaped jelly receipe, i use coconut cream instead because i couldn't find thick coconut milk n diluted coconut milk, the taste are nice though, but is there any difference.

Hugbear said...

Hi Vi, you are back in the cold cold winter again. No more shorts and Tshirts for you. Hehe

Hugbear said...

Hi Anonymous, not much difference. You can use coconut cream, no problem at all.

Anonymous said...

Hello LeeLee,

Wish u and family a Huat Huat new year too.. xin siang shi cheng! =)

Anita said...

Let's "HUAT" together shall we ?!?
Yahooooo.......huat huat huat...

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Just dropping by to wish you Happy Valentine's Day! And yes, I do miss my shorts. haha!

Chawanmushi said...

Hi LeeLee
You must be pretty busy these days ha! LOL
Got something for you here ...

Anonymous said...

Many blessings to you in this new year. :D This recipe looks pretty easy to make. I love finding fellow Singaporeans who love to bake. :)

Hugbear said...

Hi Curiousfoodie, Gong Xi Fa Cai and Xin Nien Kua Le. Where are you from? Nice to meet friends who share the same passion as me too.

Yuri said...

Hi hugbear. Thanks for your help and inspiration. You've been tagged! Please check out the link here. Adeline

Anonymous said...


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We have started posted various special occasion recipes which other grannies have sent in.

It would be wonderful if you wanted to share any of your recipes and post a webpage on our site. If not, no problem, and keep up the great work !!!

Best wishes

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