Monday, January 07, 2008


I was so late in giving my colleague this gift. Only managed to bake it last night. I hope she will like it.



Anonymous said...

Hi Lee Lee,

Hope I'm not too late in wishing you and your family a Healthy, Happy n Prosperous New Year 2008!!!
U r one hardworking girl, tks for sharing all your recipes...rgds, k

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee Lee

I know this question has no relation to your Panetone. Just wonder if you could share on how to make jelly in the koi fish jelly mold and the recipe. Thanks!


Hugbear said...

Hi Rachel, I shared before. It has a step by step instructions too. Last year's post. For the jelly, you can either use the konnayku jelly the recipe of which is on the back of the package. Or the agar agar type which is under my agar agar recipe post.

Michelle said...

Hi Lee Lee,

I never try making panetone,according to your picture it look nice n yummy, is wondering
u will post this recipe sharing with us?



Anonymous said...

Dear Hug Bear,

Thanks for sharing. I tried some of your recipes, very good and superlicious!


Unknown said...

can u give us your recipe for panettone ?

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