Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Logcake

A few church friends brought their kids to my house to learn how to bake logcake. We made two logcakes tonight. The white one, which is the one you see here is for our cell group party this coming Sunday. Another chocolate one which is smaller is for one of the family to bring back. The children were the ones who decorated the logcake.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been searching for a recipe for logcakes, can you kindly share the chocolate logcake recipe? Cos it looks so nice! thanks!

Anonymous said...


Your logcakes look so nice. What kind of filling and icing did you use in your cakes?



Par said...

That looks really nice!

Anonymous said...


Your bakes look really really yummy! esp the chocopops and cupcakes! Anyway, I will be raising funds for my cca at the beginning of next year because we intend to set up a new mini-scale scientific library (I’m from National Junior College by the way); so I was wondering if you’d be willing to sponsor some of your bakes for us to sell and raise funds so that the library can come to fruition (: Every little contribution will be greatly greatly appreciated!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries or should you require further clarification at or 90273206.

Looking forward to your reply!


Hugbear said...

Carrie, you can use my swiss roll recipe. Replace some of the cake flour with cocoa powder or retain the original recipe and just add abt 2 to 3 tbsp of melted chocolate into the batter to get a chocolate swiss roll.

Hugbear said...

Catherine, can you email me at to tell me more about your fundrising event.

PP, the filling and frosting is fresh cream.

Anonymous said...

hi, your website is superb. i just visited your website and i found so many cake recipe, i wanted to try each one.

I am from australia and i don't get cake flour here, is any flour i can replace, like self raising flour, all purpose flour etc, pls adviced me i want to try sponge cake first

Hugbear said...

Hi thanks for visiting my blog. If you cannot get cake flour, you can try to use HongKong flour, Top flour or Superlite flour. In any case, all purpose flour is fine except that the texture of the cake will not be as fine as using cake flour or the rest of the flours I have mentioned above.

Unknown said...

merry chrismas aunty lee lee. Can i bake this log cake one day ahead and place inside the fridge. Will the cake harden and taste of the cake differ.

I would to try the The chocolate frosting instead cause the kids love chocolate and the one u share with ida looks so good.Do u mind sharing as well ..hoping to bake my very first log cake for this coming family party.
My email-

Is fresh cream - Non dairy cream Or dairy cream.

thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee Lee,
Wld u conduct class for x'mas log cake? i'd want to learn. thks
pls buzz me by emailing

Hugbear said...

I don't think I will conduct x'mas logcake class. However, you can go to the many baking classes available at Phoon Huat or places like Creative Culinaire to learn. Usually nearer Christmas they do conduct classes like this.

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