Sunday, November 25, 2007

Gathering - 24 Nov 2007

I had a small gathering at my place on Saturday for some friends. Some of whom I have not met up with for a while. It was good catching up and of course, we had lots of yummy food at the party. I cooked mee siam, kueh dadar and kueh pie tee (the shell was bought) and the rest are all friends' contributions.


karlsfoodie said...

Thanx Leelee for the wonderful mee siam.. not forgetting the pie tee and kueh dar dar =)
was a good gathering yea....
now im waiting for the chili paste hehee

Hugbear said...

My pleasure, I had a great time too. I will get your chilli paste ready for your collection.

kellie said...

Thanks so much LeeLee for inviting me too! It was a wonderful gathering to be able to meet the beautiful ladies there !

My boys were having great time .. yummlicious mee siam and the pie tee .. and yes, of cos the kueh dar2.

God Bless,

Chawanmushi said...

Wah ...LeeLee...just looking at the feast of foods make me :-)00000
So sad that I had to miss this. Now I'm coughing my lungs out because of the holiday :-(

Anonymous said... sad that I missed this gathering. Would have met up with you gals (some who I have not met at all) & Lee, all the sumptious spread as well :(


Hugbear said...

There is always another time that we can meet and eat and chat again. Don't worry.

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