Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sushi Bento

Today I was browsing through some bento website. Saw many many beautifully decorated bento. Was so inspired by it that I wanted to make something for my family too. Since by the time I got home it was already after 8, I could only managed to make them some sushi bento. Sharing with you bento for the two boys, my hubby and myself.


Anonymous said...

Very cute sushi! I have all these sushi molds and I have not even used them. Do you make them and keep them in the fridge to be consume the next day?

HK Choo said...

nice cute bento, lee lee, especially the chopstick compartment very conV.

you sure do everything with so much love, it's evident in every meal you whipped up, bravo!

Yan said...

cool bento boxes filled with oishi sushi made by the loving hands of LeeLee. heartwarming.

Anonymous said...

U are amazing! Work, come back so late and yet can mk such beautiful sushi! Unbelieveable!

Anonymous said...

Hi, great work very very nice sushi. I'm a frequent visitor to your site and love your bakes. I've tried the chicken pie and it was a huge success with my family. Can u teach me how to cook the rice for the sushi? Need to buy the jap rice for it?

Hugbear said...

Hi Rita, thanks for visiting my blog. I will try to post the recipe for the sushi rice up soon.

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