Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger

Cecily, one of my blog and forum pals, sent me an email about awarding me the Rockin' Girl Blogger. Wow, feel honoured to be awarded and tada... (drumroll) here is the award ...

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And now the award is being passed on to Glad. She is a wonderful creator of all those beautiful sugarcraft. Her hands are so nimble and she is so good that when she first started her creations using sugarpaste, the only equipment she used was a toothpick. No need for many fanciful tools yet she can come up with many many wonderful creations. I really admire her.


My play room said...

hi leelee,
u r award due to your contribution i found out that u r the one who contribute the most recipe and report (based on my opinon)

Hugbear said...

Hi Jessie, thanks for your kind words. I am guilty of neglecting my blog at times. Sometimes just feel so lazy and don't feel like doing anything. hahaha

HK Choo said...

hi leelee...nice revamp of your blog :)
1st time leaving you a comment, but been here before..see you around as well in the forums :)

Hugbear said...

Hi Choo, thanks for leaving a msg for me here. See you around.

My play room said...

hi leelee,
it is true i realise alot of them post picture only (which to tempt me :P) or for sales (i dont blame them - they need to earn extra income) but u r the only one who also post your recipe ! I always believe that sincerely will bring good deeds for themselve or their next generation, regardless wat religion your are. Keep it up !

Glad said...

Hi Lee Lee,

Thanks so much. I feel so honour to receive this award :)

It's you and your lovely creations that make me move my first step in cake decorating. Thanks friend for sharing with us all this while. Appreciate it very much.

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