Sunday, October 14, 2007

I was trying to use up my opened packet of diary whipping cream. So the result is two peach marshmallow cakes. My boys ate a few pieces already and since their friend was at my place just now, gave some for him to bring home too. Giving some to my friends too since we will not be able to finish two cakes on our own. Sharing with you my peach marshmallow cakes.


My play room said...

hi leelee
how do u do that ? very fancy :)

Anonymous said...

HI LeeLee,

Next come got extra hor can I go and take ? hahaha


Anonymous said...

WAH!!!!!!! VERY SWEE!!!!!!!!! Extra for me lah!

Yan said...

LeeLee :

1st it was Jes who lure me wif this temptalicious cake. now its you. double 'hit' like tat, cant tahan..
alrite, i wanna learn aso.. craving already....... =p

Hugbear said...

Hi Jessie, I just did my basic marshmallow cake and top it off with peaches instead of strawberry and also using the peaches to make a rose shape.

Sorry gals, no more extras, all gone liao. Kekekeke.

Yan, go make it and can stop the craving. Hahaha

Anonymous said...

Hi hugbear

The cake is fantastic, the pic/slideshow is wonderful. U are an all rounder! Thumbs up!!!!


Yan said...

nudge nudge Lee Lee ... u make for me lah... =p

read the receipe... abit chim... will still try it out... but 1st, must get ingredients ...

what to do, Lee Lee no leave extras for me... sighz... =D

Happy Homebaker said...

I like your peach marshmallow cake!! It's lovely! I have bought a pack of marshmallow and have been wanting to give this a try :) Thanks for sharing your recipe!

Hugbear said...

Thanks happy homebaker. After you have tried it must let me know if you like it ok.

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