Monday, September 17, 2007

September's Birthday Cakes

Last Saturday we had a joint birthday celebration for my son and my two nieces. Their birthdays happened to be quite close to each other. I did not order their cakes but instead baked the cakes on my own. The barbie doll cake delighted the little girls very much and the maple story cake on the other hand delighted the boys.

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The backview.
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Yan said...


the barbie doll cake is so pretty. cant imagine having to eat it ... amazing leh u ... kudos.

my sister happen to peep while i was viewing your blogpage and asked for this pretty cake for her bday next yr... haha... she's in her 30s mind u.... well, as the saying goes, theres always a kid in all of us....

care to share how u went about making it ????


Amy Goh said...

Wow your barbie is SoOoOoo beautiful! I'm sure the girls can't bear to eat it.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What beatiful cakes!!! Great job!!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! This is a great piece of art! How to eat?!?!?!?

Chawanmushi said...

Hi LeeLee
Your bakes are truly lovely.
Would like to know how to create the picture on the marzipan?
If I have a pic in mind for a 9 inch round cake do I proceed from here? I'm totally helpless here LOL

Hugbear said...

Cecily, I had the edible pix printed for me by Zu. It is not mazipan lah, it is a wafer like paper that is edible.

Shannon's Mummy said...

Oh My.. .Oh My .. It's such a Gorgeous Barbie Doll Cake!

GG said...

Eeee! i want to be that birthday girl. Good job!

Anonymous said...

wow! the cakes looked gorgeous!

CheezyHeart said...

Hi Lee Lee,
Cld u share the babie doll cake recipe & buttercream??

Btw, may i ask where to buy the cake tin to bake? how does it looks like? =p


Hugbear said...

Hi Chezzyheart, I used fresh whipped cream for the decoration. I just whipped up non-diary cream and added colour to pipe patterns on the barbie doll.

I did not use any special moulds but used round moulds and stack them up to trim the cake to get that shape.

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