Saturday, September 01, 2007

Custard Buns

I used my own sweet bread dough to make the buns but I modified a custard recipe to add to this bread. Not too bad, the family like it.

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With the leftover dough I did a batch of polo buns. Hubby prefers the custard buns to the polo buns.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Hugbear

Blive u hv fully recovered fr your minor eye opt. Bravo!:)

The custard buns look yummy yummy. What's the ingredients u used for the custard filling? Can share plssss? ;p


Hugbear said...

Sure, I can post the recipe for the custard in my blog shortly.

Anonymous said...

Dear Baking Mum, I cant find your custard recipe in your blog. Can you show me where it's posted or email me a copy at Thanks

Hugbear said...

Hahaha, I can't remember what I did to this custard recipe. But I can post a custard recipe for you if you want.

Anonymous said...


Can you post up the custart receipe please... Looks yummy...


Hugbear said...

Sorry I cannot remember where I got this custard recipe and what I did to modify it. But you can actually use Phoon Huat's instant custard powder. It is pretty good. Just need to use 100g of instant custard powder with 250ml of fresh milk and whip until the custard is formed.

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