Sunday, March 18, 2007

Live Prawns

My family went to the newly opened Giant Hypermart at Tampines Sunday afternoon. It was crowded. Hubby told me they are selling live prawns at a very good price so I bought some back thinking of steaming it for dinner tonight. In the end I decided not to steam it but boil it instead.

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Really worth buying because the prawns are crunchy, juicy and sweet. Yummy, I like it very much.


Anonymous said...

dear hugbear, thanks for the tips! the jelly came out easily today! washing the try and using a toothpick works wonders :)

do you have any tips on
1) how to layer the jelly? i understand the idea is to pour the jelly in the mould, wait for it to cool, then pour the next layer. however, how do we prevent the pot of jelly from cooling and jelling up?

2) how to prevent fruits from being right at the top? (bottom of the mould, top when demoulded)?

many thanks!
a very very happy pinkconfetti!

Anonymous said...

Dear Hugbear

I hope you don't mind me asking you some baking questions here. I am your fan, everything you cook/bake fascinate me.

- For butter cake, do you put in middle or lower deck in the oven for baking?

- If i want to buy a swissroll pan, what size would you recommend?

Many thanks for your reply.


Hugbear said...

Hi Pinkconfetti,

Glad my tip works. When you are doing layering, always leave the pot of jelly over a very small fire to prevent it from solidifying.

When doing layering, also remember don't wait until the layer is too hard to pour the next layer. If you do that, the layers won't stick together when you cut it. Use your finger to feel and make sure the surface is slightly harden. With the help of a spoon against the mould, slowly and gently pour the next layer of jelly onto the slightly harden layer. Don't pour too high or too hard, it will break the layer easily.

As for fruits, pour a layer of jelly into the mould first. Wait for it to be slightly thicken, add fruits and then top up with more jelly. Hope my suggestions help.

Anonymous said...

thanks! i think i get the idea. regardless of layering or adding fruits, we should wait till the first layer cools, then add the next. i didn't realise it's this time consuming. grin.

my mistake last night was to wait till the jelly solidify. so they refused to jell to together. will try again this weekend! my family is getting quite sick of jelly LoL but this is addictive!

whoever told me making jelly is as simple as abc should be shot!

ps the toothpick works wonders! before this i was using a very thin knife but it either cut or left very visible mark on the jelly. with the toothpick, i'm pretty sure i made a hole but it can't be seen!

zhengning said...

hey bakingmum, talking about prawns, just wanna ask if it's really ok to eat raw prawns? I know there's germs and bacteria and all when it's uncook... hmmm, a friend of mine actually made this RAW prawn salad with vinegar, and she ate it like that!
Sounds... Haha.

Anonymous said...

Wow your shrimp looks so delicious! I really misses those live shrimps ... used to have it quite often in L.A. bcos it was cheaper. Over here in Toronto, it's soooo expensive.

I love to "steam/boil" it with Sake and a few Kei Chee. It's really delicious!!! Drool, drool, drool!

Hugbear said...

Shirley, for me I don't have a choice of middle or lower deck since I am using a microwave cum conventional oven. But for those with this option, you can place it in the middle rack.

As for swissroll pan, it is better to get a rectangle pan as opposed to a square one. The normal 12" by 10" or thereabout should be fine.

Hugbear said...

Pink, one more tip for your jelly making. If your jelly has really harden, what you can do is take a fork and lightly scratch the surface then pour over the next layer. This will also help to get the layers to stick together.

You are so cute, your family is lucky that you are interested in cooking you know. It is always a joy to be able to eat homemade stuff. Not only because of the better ingredients used, it is healthier and there is love in your cooking. Kekeke

Hugbear said...

Hi zhengning, actually if the prawns are really fresh, eating it raw is really nice. It is very sweet. Like how the Japanese will eat it, with wasabi and soy sauce. Oishii desu ne! Your friend's salad has vinegar, so it will kind of kill off whatever bacteria on the prawns. But normally, for salad, we don't usually use raw prawns, cooked prawns will be a better option.

Hugbear said...

Tricia, ya I am sure things in Toronto must be expensive. When I was there more than 10 years ago, it was not cheap already. Are you studying in Toronto or you live there?

Anonymous said...

Hugbear, thanks for your reply. I realise that when my cake is bake in middle rack, there are a lot of cracks on top. If bake in lower rack, the bottom cake is very dry.

How do you think i could solve this problem.

Many thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi Hugbear,

I moved here from L.A. since 03 ... after I got married. Still trying to "learn" my way around town. My husband is no help. He is a homebody!!!

Anonymous said...

dear hugbear,

i requested aunty yochana to post her recipe on red dates and longan K. jelly, and she kindly did so.

perhaps you may be interested in it :)

i'm trying to figure out how to make bandung jelly :p

wenwen said...

Hi hugbear, your shrimp looks delicious! Is it something like herbal prawn? I want to cook herbal chicken this sunday but kinda sick of it. Wonder can I replace the chicken with prawn after reading your post. hmmm ...

Hugbear said...

hi pink, thanks for telling me abt Lucy's recipe. I will take a look there. What bandung jelly are you talking about? What is that?

Hi wenwenzz, you can replace chicken with prawns but the steaming time is much much shorter than chicken. Most probably about 10 to 15 mins max is enough already. Do not oversteam it ok.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hugbear,

Looking at your prawns every other day or so is driving me crazy :)

How much water do you add to it before boiling? i don't see any water in your pot!

Thanks for the porridge recipe as well. Picked up several tips, namely mixing rice with glutinous rice and your stock. No wonder my porridge never had the texture of the outside stores. What is yellow bean?

We always just soak normal rice in oil overnight, then dump meat, water, and rice in the pot and boil away!. Takes a LONG time. Never thought of adding water to the broken down rice later on instead.


Hugbear said...

Hi Pink,

For the prawns, I added about 1/2 cup of Chinese wine and 1 cup of water into it before boiling it. In the picture you can't see the water as it is just below the prawns. Add a bit of salt to taste if you like.

Daph said...

Hi there,

I'm really enjoying your blog. Do you think you could give me the full receipe for your herbal prawns? I only recognise the wolfberry seeds. Thanks :)

My email add is

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