Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Flower shape jelly

Just bought this flower shape mould so I tried it out by making a flower shape jelly.

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Recipe from Delightful Sweet Treats

What you will need for the transparent layer:

2 tbsp agar agar powder
1200 ml water
2 blades of pandan leaves
230 gm castor sugar (cut down sugar if you don't like it too sweet)
Different colours of your choice

1. Boil above ingredients except colourings till it has dissolved. Discard the pandan leaves. Leave it on the stove or doubleboil to keep the mixture warm to avoid the agar agar hardening.

What you will need for the Coconut Milk Layer:
2 tbsp agar agar powder
400 ml concentrated coconut milk
800 ml diluted coconut milk
200 gm of castor sugar
1/2 tsp salt
2 blades pandan leaves

1. Boil the ingredients till dissolved. Sieve mixture. Leave it aside to be used but avoid it being hardening up.

1. Measure about 250 ml of transparent agar agar and colour it in the colour you like. Leave it to slight harden (not too hard if not the jelly will not stick together. If too hard, just use a fork to lightly scratch the surface before adding the next layer.)

2. The second layer will be the coconut milk layer. Do the same alternating between the transparent layer and the coconut milk layer until all the agar agar have been used up.

3. Leave the whole jelly to cool down before refrigerating it for at least a few hours.


Anonymous said...

Felicidades por la pagina...

me gustaria saber si tienes la receta de esta Flower shape jelly... me gusta mucho.

Please recipe of flower shape Jelly

Hugbear said...

ok, I will post recipe for you shortly.

Anonymous said...

LeeLee, what agar-agar powder brand do you use? Also do u keep mixture warm between each layer to keep it from hardening?

Hugbear said...

Hi k, no specific brands, sometimes I use the Swallow brands, sometimes the Rose brand, sometimes PH's brand. Yes, keep the mixture over a very low fire to keep it warm in between the layering.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hugbear,

Your flower shape jelly looks very good May i know where can i buy this mould ?


Hugbear said...

I bought the mould from Ng Meng Huat in Johor Bahru.

Javier & Jeanie said...

Hi you flower shape agar agar look so nice. I am thinking to make one for my son birthday. May I know where to get the concentrated coconut milk and the diluted milk?

Smarties' paw brother said...

Hi Hugbear,
What's the difference between concentrated & diluted coconut milk? The regular packet types (eg Ayam brand) we can buy from NTUC...are those concentrated ones? How to dilute?

Hwee Chin

Hugbear said...

Those in the package is thick coconut milk. I dilute it by adding water into the thick coconut milk. It is up to you whether you want to use 60/40 to dilute it or 70/30 (ie 70 water and 30 thick coconut milk).

Anonymous said...

Hi ,

Sad to say it...i failed to do it..I have tried once, its the matter that it need some time to wait it to get slightly harden then proceed with 2nd layer.

When it come to pour on the 2nd layer, i sure will burst the 1st layer and the end, the whole jelly will be ruined.

Can tell me how u let you jelly to be slightly harden in a faster time? Put into the fridge ??

Hugbear said...

You can either put it in the fridge to speed up hardening. When the surface is slightly harden, be very careful when you pour the next layer. Put a spoon against the side and slowly pour the agar agar into the mould through the spoon so that the pressure will not burst the previous layer.

CheezyHeart said...

Hi Lee Lee,

Remb seeing ur post on doll agar.
Wld u mind to share with me the recipe? and how many ml each level?

I've plan to make it tmr for my daughter's b/day. Hope u'll be able to reply within time =) thks inadv

Anonymous said...

Hi Hugbear,

I have followed the recipe but the coconut layer turned out to be cloudy? Can you advise where is my problem.

Any is it ok to use the normal PH bottled colouring or use col paste? Because my col always seem to fade.

Troubled, Mei

Hugbear said...

ChezzyHeart, sorry have been busy. I will try to scan a copy for you. Many many layers and every layers the measurements are different. Must warn you first, very tedious to do this jelly hor.

Hugbear said...

Mei, what do you mean by cloudy? Is it the coconut layer is not smooth? It may be the way you cook it that causes the coconut milk to be like that. I really can't tell you the exact reason. I also used PH's bottle colouring for all my jelly making. Should be a problem with the colouring.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Hugbear.

Maybe I cooked the coconut for too long.

International Flower Delivery said...

is there any photo for the finishing result?

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