Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sugar Roll

I just tried this sugar roll recipe shared by one of my blogger friend, Lucy, who is a great baker by the way. Her recipe is very good. The swiss roll came out very soft and nice. You can find the recipe here .

This is how the sugar roll look before coating it with sugar.
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This is how it look after the sugar coating.
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And this is how it look after cutting.
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Amrita said...

hi there lee lee
I made this sugar roll also but mine cracked like mad u know.....u think u can help how u did the steps, how u cool etc

Hugbear said...

Hi amrita, ok what I did was follow the recipe exactly. But my swissroll tray is smaller than the one Lucy used. So my baking time is about 10 mins. I left it on the rack to cool for about 30 mins or less. Then I place the swiss roll onto a piece of paper and spread cream on the cake. Using the paper as a guide I rolled it up. The cake is actually very soft, there is no crack at all for me. As advised by Lucy, do not overbake your cake.

Amrita said...

tks hugbear. i think i will make again and bake less this time.

hav u heard of the method where u roll it when its hot and let it cool?

Hugbear said...

Yes I have. I used this method for other swissroll recipes sometimes. But for this sugar roll I left the whole cake to cool down before rolling it up.

Anonymous said...

Your swiss roll looks really delicious and lovely. May I know when you say "I left it on the rack to cool for about 30 mins or less", does this means I remove the cake from its pan and also its parchment paper and then place on the rack? Thanks.

Hugbear said...

Yes, Jess, I removed it from pan and tear away the greaseproof paper and left it on rack to cool down.

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