Sunday, October 08, 2006

Baked Marble Cheesecake

I love this recipe. The cheesecake turned out very soft and moist and nice.

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The recipe is adapted from Alex Goh's book. However, I made some modification to the steps. I realised that in his book, some of the steps can be modified to simplify the baking process.



500 gm cream cheese
50 gm castor sugar (1)
5 egg yolk
1 Lemon zest
230 gm of whipped cream (whipped up)
120 gm of plain flour
5 egg white
120 gm castor sugar (2)
1 tsp lemon juice
50 gm chocolate) melted together
1 tbsp milk )

1. Beat cream cheese and sugar (1) until creamy and smooth.
2. Add in egg yolks and beat well. Then add in lemon juice and grated lemon skin. Mix well. Add in whipped cream and mix well using a spatula. Add in the flour and mix well (this part can use the machine to help if you like).
3. Whisk egg white and sugar (2) to a soft peak. Do not beat egg white to stiff if not it will be difficult to incorporate into the cheese mixture.
4. Pour the egg white into the cheese mixture and mix them well. Take out 200 gm of cream mixture and mix well with the melted chocolate mixture.
5. Pour 1/3 of plain cheese mixture into a 9 inch greased and lined cake pan. Pour some of the chocolate cheese mixture onto the plain layer (leaving some for the pattern on top). Pour the remainder of the plain mixture on top of the chocolate layer. Pour the remainder of the chocolate cheese mixture into a piping bag and pipe pattern on top. Use a toothpick or cake tester to draw patter. Baked in water bath at 150C for 90 mins or until brown.

(Note: I was lazy to use a piping bag for the chocolate cheese mixture so I just spoon the mixture using a spoon and then draw pattern on it.)


Anonymous said...

Wow Lee Lee, Yr cheesecake looks delish. How do you swirl the top part? Feel like biting off fm my screen, YUM YUM!!

Hugbear said...

I used a spoon and spoon some chocolate mixture in circles around the top. Then use a skewer to drag on the cake from inside out and then outside in to form the spiderweb pattern. Hope you can understand what I am trying to say.

Anonymous said...

Lee Lee, you're so kind to explain this to me. Will try it out wen I have some time..thks a lot

Anonymous said...

Lee Lee,

what do you meant by "whipped up" for the whipping cream?

Hugbear said...

The whipping cream is liquid form. You need to whip it up to become soft peak.

Gracio said...

Leelee, very nice cake pattern u drew! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Lee Lee,
Have not visited your blog for some time and so I went WOW when I saw your updates! Really tempting. Btw, who are the two ex-colleagues that you prepared the farewell party?

Hugbear said...

Hi WF, two ex-colleagues of ours and now ex-colleagues of AAA. You should know who right? LOL

Anonymous said...

Tried the marble baked cheesecake. Was very nice and light unlike many others that I have tried. My son loved it. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Anonymous said...

hi there..
tries this cake yesterday,it turned out great! hope you don't mind I posted this recipe in my blog.. (credit to you).. thanks for this great recipe!

Hugbear said...

Hi Anonymous, you are welcome to post in your blog and thanks for the credit.

Anonymous said...

hi what is baking in water bath,please help. and it there any ready whipped cream sold in shop?

Amy Goh said...

Hi, Lee!

Tried ur baked Marble cheesecake over the weekend.

It turned out yummy! Even though I was so blur, the small box of whipping cream I bought only yields 200ml. it was too late for me to make another purchase to make up to 230ml. Oh yes, not forgetting, I definitely was not able to create the spider web like yours. Haha...

Apple said...

Hi Hugbear

For the whipped up whipped cream, can we buy those can spray form?
I tried to whip up liquid whipped cream but failed, not sure what kind of speed, how long and how should it look like.
Thank you!


-ShAo*EN EN*- said...


wad kinda chocolate would it be best to use? Like for example, do we ned to get the HERSEY bar chocolate for cooking or any type will do as fine? but reducing the amount of sugar?

also, can we replace the whipping cream to the ones that actually a shake or two and we have instant whipped cream.

Hugbear said...

Hi, best to use dark chocolate with higher contents of chocolate like 50% or 70%. These kind of chocolate is more bitter and less sweet. Usually I don't use milk chocolate. You can try to get say, Lindt chocolate 70% dark chocolate, it is very good.

Anonymous said...

Hi can I know what is lemon zest used for? Where can I purchase it?

Hugbear said...

Hi, you just need to grate the skin of a lemon with a grater. Remember you only want the yellow part of the lemon, don't go too far into the white portion as it will be bitter.

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